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PostSubject: History Lesson   History Lesson EmptyThu May 05, 2011 8:47 pm

Parobamilot is the realm that this RP will take place in. Off in the Western side of the hemisphere lies the mighty Lordor. Lordor is famous for its artisans and merchants. It's a large land mass floating off by itself...Well, kinda by itself. There is a small neighboring island named Nushav. No where nearly as large as Lordor, but is still big enough to be considered dangerous.

Things are pretty heated in the Eastern Hemisphere of Parobamilot, though. There are 6 major countries in the eastern hemisphere that together form a giant land mass known as Odmorg. Odmorg is divided into eastern and western sides with 3 countries on each side belong to a certain faction. The western side's faction is called the Vangaurds composing of Moghar, Sannvile, and Blagdale. The eastern side's faction is called the Dark Dragons composing of Isheva, Glorzar, and Noghar. These 2 fractions have been in war for years.

More history stuff later, but for now, this is all

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History Lesson
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