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 Dragear: Chapter 1-The Familliar (Part 2....)

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Dragear: Chapter 1-The Familliar (Part 2....) Empty
PostSubject: Dragear: Chapter 1-The Familliar (Part 2....)   Dragear: Chapter 1-The Familliar (Part 2....) EmptyWed Nov 19, 2008 8:32 pm

Sveeks steel gray eyes looked at the stone floor and nodded with approval at the work he had done. He had just finished sweeping the the room and was about to move to the next when he eyed the door apprehensively. He was expecting one of Ikindes' wooden guards. His guards tear his house apart every week looking for something. Sveek didn't know what they were searching for but knew it was important.
King Ikindes' past was deep and horrible and rumors were spread all over the towns. There were many books about the kings past but only choice few were not tainted by lies and deceit about what he had done. Sveek worried but didn't dwell on these thoughts long but still wondered. Ikindes was known for his wooden chime guards that clanked wherever they went and his laws that abolish the use of fire without being permitted by the king. Sveek had heard the price was steep for such consent but knew he did not need fire.
Sveeks long legs worked with his lanky body to accomplish the new task of the next room. He cast his sight from his sharp eyes and chin and observed the new room. He walked in and determined the process in which he will sweep the room. Sveek's eyes landed on the old marble dresser and looked under. He then saw dirt and immediately put that next on his list to sweep after he had completed the first task.
Just as Sveek was about to start someone knocked on the door and Sveek took his time because he had no doubt who his mysterious visitor was. He then opened the door and the guard proceeded to destroy his house a they had every week. The king was obviously searching the house for something important but Sveek never knew what. He pondered this while chairs were thrown around and the guard hustled about with much clanking like wood chimes. When the guard was done he turned to the door and his mahogany clanked resoundingly with satisfaction.
They were always different: oak one day, beechwood the next, every once in a while he saw a yew wood guard. The reason for this always escaped Sveeks sharp mind and let it rest for another day. . .

If you would please post criticism i would be gladly obliged. Part two next week, see ya!


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Dragear: Chapter 1-The Familliar (Part 2....)
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