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PostSubject: SFaAH AU Teaser   SFaAH AU Teaser EmptyFri Jan 04, 2013 11:56 pm

Wading out of the dark smoke that permeated the forests around the remains of Belig Aimar, Epimor peered through the mist into the past and future.

With the loss of Ananke and Stilts, all of the Lesser Gods were dead; the world had entered a new era. With the death of the elves, there was nobody to attain the hopes and goals.

Humanity alone survived, and it would be the soul of humanity that was tested. That soul, granted by its God's dying breath, that shone in a dark void like starfire.

The towering darkness before him was the might of the Hellscape. It had consumed Torvald, and the Hammer, and now it hungered for the bones of the God of Humanity.

~Starfire and Abandoned Hopes - coming Soon©~

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