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PostSubject: TAKE TO THE SKIES SON![Skyrim Pen & Paper]   TAKE TO THE SKIES SON![Skyrim Pen & Paper] EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 8:13 pm

  • Uses a d10 system. Only dice used are d10s.
  • Skill checks are made by rolling a d100(two d10s with one acting as the tens digit). If the roll is less than the skill level, it is a success.
  • Every skill check that succeeds gives one experience to the skill.
  • Every 10 that the roll is under counts as a degree of success. Example: Cedric rolled a 12 on a One Handed test, and his one handed skill is 33. The difference between these two numbers is 21, meaning there were two degrees of success.
  • Degrees of success add an extra experience point to that skill per degree.
  • Degrees add +1to results for damage and heal rolls, and an extra turn for duration related spells.
  • Rolling a double 0 results in a success and an instant level up of the involved skill, leaving no left over experience.
  • When rolling for a check that does not have an associated skill(example: Remembering your Daedric princes), the maximum value is at the DMs discretion.
  • Unarmed attack checks are considered an automatic hit.
  • When attacking, declare your target and your skill you are using. If you succeed your skill check, the one hit then rolls an armor check based on the armor he is wearing where he got hit. If he succeeds the attack is dodged.
  • Only one attack can be dodged per person per round. You may intentionally take a hit to attempt to dodge another down the turns. Unused dodges do not carry over.
  • Rolls to check percentage based chances(example: 20% chance to stun) must roll lower than the number to succeed(19 or lower in the example provided)
  • All skills start at 15. Health, Magicka, and Stamina all start at 100.
  • To increase a skill, multiply the next number by 1.5 rounding down. That is how much experience is required to level up the skill. To go from level 19 in a skill to level 20 takes 30 experience.
  • Left over experience from leveling up will carry over.
  • Everytime you gain a skill, you get the skills new level as experience to level up your character.
  • The formula for how much experience you need to level up is (Current level + 3) * 25. It takes 100 experience to get from level 1 to level 2.
  • Every Character Level gives one perk for the player to spend, except the first and any level after 50
  • You can also increase your Stamina, Magicka, or Health by ten every level.
  • You can spend your turn blocking to be able to defend any attack instead of just one.
  • By spending 80 stamina while wielding a melee weapon, a power attack can be made. Power attacks that succeed deal double damage and force blockers to not be blocking for the rest of the turn and lose one action on their next.
  • Spells that do not have an upkeep cost must be charged for 1 action before they will activate. After being charged, they can be released at will. The caster must focus on only that spell to keep it ready, however.
  • All characters move at a base 20ft per turn. Sneaking reduces this to 10ft per turn, and Heavy Armor applies a -5ft penalty, Light Armor applying a -2ft.
  • Dual Wielding allows a character to attack with both weapons per round. They can both be dodged if the character decides to try and dodge.
  • Characters may shift in different directions while power attacking to activate specific attacks or to generally move around the field.

  • Characters may enter stealth at any time.
  • Attacking out of stealth results in double damage if the attack was not seen coming.
  • A stealth check must be made for every nearby enemy every turn.
  • Being in direct light adds a -10 penalty.
  • Being within 5 feet of someone adds a -5 penalty.
  • Being in someones direct line of sight adds a -10 penalty.
  • If someone knows you are there and you try to stealth away, a -10 penalty is applied and three consecutive stealth checks must be made.


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TAKE TO THE SKIES SON![Skyrim Pen & Paper]
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