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PostSubject: Conversation with the Watchmaker   Conversation with the Watchmaker EmptyWed May 23, 2012 6:00 pm

The Watchmaker continued to whirl about in a flurry of information. The Extemos has pierced the outer shell and were moving deeper in the Coreworld. It would only be a couple years before they dominated the entire system, but he was hoping to prolong that. It was then that he noticed the white figure floating among the crystal shards the shifted around himself. It had no noticeable features of any kind, just a plain humanoid with perfectly white skin and no face.

He stopped, attempting to study the apparition, before it began to speak.

"I am aware that you understand certain . . . eccentricities about this place of existence."

The Watchmaker nodded, "Yes."

"I have come to inform you of a threat that is much larger than your own, one that could potentially spill over. I am here looking for Athen."

"If you truly understand", the Watchmaker replied, "then you know exactly where Athen is, even though I don't. Why would you come asking for him here?"

"There are certain procedures that must be followed, you must create another copy of Athen."

"No," was the old man's only reply as he turned away, resuming his work.

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Conversation with the Watchmaker
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