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 He Said She Said

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PostSubject: He Said She Said   Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:08 pm

He Said She Said

Chapter 1
“Here, that the scroll and leave us alone.” Sasuke Shouted.
“Ku, ku, ku…” the strange Grass nin chuckled. The hand that was waiting to catch the scroll that Sasuke had tossed, was secondary as the strange nin was suddenly struck by a rock.
They all looked up and saw Naruto standing on a higher branch, a very pissed off look on his face. He leapt from the branch to put himself between his team and the nin, his normally laughing blue eyes were a cold as steel and slitted in the center. He managed to catch the Heaven scroll that Sasuke threw.
“Sorry I’m late, something tried to eat me that I didn’t agree with.” He said. A relieved look graced Sakura’s face. He then looked at Sasuke. “What the hell do you think you’re doing teme?” Naruto said his voice rising.
“He was more powerful than we are, I had no choice!” yelled Sasuke.
“And what color is the sky in your world you dumb bastard that made you think he was just going to let you go after you gave him our damned scroll?” Naruto shouted right back.
“Ku, ku, ku. Very observant of you Uzumaki…” the Grass nin said, her voice becoming more raspy and masculine. “So, my little pet didn’t finish you off. I must admit, thought, you did take me by surprise. You’ve impressed me Naruto-kun. I’m quite surprised to see your still standing after taking on a summon of that size.”
Naruto snarled. “You’ll find I’m just full of surprises Hebi-teme!”
“Grass nin chuckled some more. Perhaps you’ll entertain me more than the so called Uchiha prodigy. Be warned little genin, no matter how good you think you are, I am far above your level of skill. After all, I am one of the Legendary Sannin. I am Orochimaru.” The nin finally introduced himselt to Naruto.
“I don’t care if you were Kami herself.” Naruto shouted. “I will not let you harm my friends.
Orochimaru watched as the blond in front of him began to change. He saw Naruto’s nails elongate into claws, his whisker marks widened and his canine teeth became more pronounced, while his spikey hair style became even more wilder and untamed. He saw the slitted blue eyes turn blood red. The boy crouched low and let out low, but menacing growl.
“You are the Yondaime’s Legacy, aren’t you Naruto-kun? It doesn’t matter, you are nothing compared to my power.” Orochimaru started to chuckle again.
Sasuke and Sakura could feel the killing intent coming from their blond teammate. Orochimaru’s was enough to freeze them in place and make them feel helpless, but with Naruto’s added, it was overwhelming, Sakura was on her stomach from the force of it, Sasuke was on his knees, both Genin were trying to back away from the force they were feeling.
Naruto looked over his shoulder from where he was crouched, his voice was rough, “What’s the matter, afraid scaredy cat?”
Orochimaru used that second of distraction to attack. “HIDDEN SHADOW MANY SNAKE HAND!” he shouted.
Sasuke barely managed to dodge the dozens of snakes that shot out of Orochimaru’s sleeves.
Naruto seemed to vanish in a blur, only to reappear above the snakes, which he started to run down their length.
Orochimaru had a shocked look on his face as Naruto sliced his face to shreds with his claws.
However, Naruto’s victory was short lived as the Sannin and his snakes turned to mud.
“FUCK!” Naruto cursed. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and he managed to jump out of the way as a gigantic snake, even bigger than the one that had tried to eat him earlier, attacked him.
“IS THIS ALL YOU GOT HEBI-TEME?” he yelled as he stood in front of the snake, his clawed hands clenching as he prepared to fight in a moments notice.
The snake however turned and went straight for the frozen Sasuke, who could only watch in horror as the giant serpent came at him, its fangs dripping with venom.
Naruto growled and appeared between them once more, his fist impacting with the side of its head, snapping it away from its target and impacted with a tree before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Naruto glared at Sasuke. “Why are you just kneeling there, coward?”
Sasuke glared at Naruto, but it had the same effect as water hitting a window, because all he could do was stand there and tremble in fear. “Why aren’t you even trying?” Naruto hissed at him as he cocked his fist back and slugged the kneeling Sasuke in the face. “SNAP OUT OF IT TEME!”
Sasuke was angry. Angry at Orochimaru for attacking them and reducing him to a small child. He was angry at Naruto, because everything he’d said was true, and he was most of all angry at himself for being weak, and a coward. It was how he’d acted back when Itachi had slaughtered their family.
Sakura could only watch the battle taking place before her, it was beyond anything she could do and anything they should be able to do as a team, yet her eyes watched as Naruto, not Sasuke was fighting off a legendary Sannin by himself.
“You are definitely interesting character Uzumaki Naruto. But I cannot allow you to interfere any further with my plans. Not even with the power of the nine-tail can you stand up to my power.” Orochimaru said reappearing.
Naruto growled. “Big mistake Hebi-teme.” Naruto leapt at him and the two were blurs of motion, the only thing marking their passing to the naked eye was destruction of several trees and branches.
If it weren’t for the blasted Kyuubi, I’d make his body my next vessel rather than the Uchiha’s. Orochimaru thought to himself as he was forced to avoid the claw swipes from the blond.
Naruto smirked seeing Orochimaru’s look of irritation mixed with surprise and fear as he kept him on the offensive and away from Sasuke.
“Heh, scared Hebi-teme?” Naruto snarled as he kicked, swiped and did his best to tear the Sannin’s face off. The blond was breathing heavy at this point.
Orochimaru seeing an opening with his years of experience, he opened his mouth and stretched his tongue out and wrapped it around Naruto’s ankle and flipped him into the air.
Orochimaru quickly went through a series of one handed seals, he caught Naruto with his tongue, securing his arms and torso.
The blond struggled and kicked with all his might, but could not get loose. Orochimaru noticed the seal on Naruto’s stomach around his naval. Opening his right hand, small purple flames appeared on each of the Snake Sannin’s fingers.
Five Elements Seal! Orochimaru mentally shouted as he slammed his hand against Naruto’s seal.
The blonds scream of pain filled the forest, all over everyone heard his pain.
“NARUTO!” Sakura screamed! “Sasuke-kun! Do something!”
They could only watch as Naruto’s features receded. His blood red slit eyes returned to their normal unslitted blue, his clawed hands returned to normal looking hands and the whisker birthmarks became thinner, his canine teeth shrunk back down.
Orochimaru chuckled as he threw Naruto into the nearest tree after confiscating the scroll the blond Genin had taken from Sasuke. He smirked as he looked at the other two Genin and incinerated it.
Naruto slammed against the trunk of the tree. Sakura saw him beginning to fall and frantically threw a kunai, it snagged Naruto’s trousers.
She turned hearing Sasuke scream and watched as Orochimaru’s elongated neck was withdrawing. Sasuke slumped unconscious.
“What did you do to Sasuke-kun?” Sakura rushed to the boys side.
“Ku, ku, ku. He’s not as advanced as I would have liked. He will know what I’ve done to him soon enough. He will seek me out, do not get in the way, I spare your life this time girl.” And with that he faded away, his laughter leaving Sakura chilled to the bone.
“Naruto. Naruto. He did something to Sasuke-kun!” Sakura yelled.
She looked where her blond teammate was, and frowned. She went closer and stopped dead in her tracks. “What the hell? Who are you?
Hanging where Naruto had been was a slender girl with curves, long blond hair that if she wasn’t dangling would be down to her narrow waist.
Sakura looked closer. The girl had whisker marks like Naruto and she saw the clothes were a size larger.
“N-Naruto?” she whispered.
Sakura was lost, she had no idea what to do, both of her teammates were unconscious and for some reason, Naruto was a girl.
And better looking than me. Sakura mentally whined.
“What am I to do?” she asked her unconscious teammates.
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PostSubject: Re: He Said She Said   Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:11 pm

this story was good and posted it because it is similar to my next story that is being typed right now. Didn't really want to post this story yet.

Please comment and sorry for not getting on in a while.


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PostSubject: Re: He Said She Said   Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:12 pm

Chapter 2

Sakura looked at her blond teammate. After she struggled to get Sasuke down to ground level and in the hollow of a nearby tree, she’d gone back and gotten the blond down.

For nearly an hour she’d looked at the blond. She could see some similarities, but that was it.

I mean, the face is narrower, the eyelashes longer, the hair… she’d touched it out of curiosity and sighed. Her hair is so soft and silky, its not fair.

She saw the whisker marks were still on the blonds cheeks, and it reminded Sakura of that sexy jutsu she’d seen Naruto teaching the Third’s grandson. But he…she’s fully clothed, and they don’t fit very well.

She’d opened the jacket and saw that she was defiantly well endowed in the chest department.

She saw strange burn marks on the blonds stomach and what looked like the remains of a seal.

Sighing she went and wetted a cloth and put it on Sasuke’s head. The Uchiha had a high-grade fever, and his breathing was low, but steady so far.

Sakura looked for other wounds on Naruto, she kept calling her that in her mind for she didn’t know what else to call the blond laying there, but had found nothing else.

I could have sworn his…her hands should be cut up, but their as smooth as mine. Sakura remembered how quickly Naruto always seemed to heal, and wondered about that. She’d asked Kakashi back during the Wave mission, but he ignored her. As always. Sakura grumbled as she got a cool cloth and put it on Naruto’s forehead. She’d put the headband on the ground next to her.

“What did he do to you Naruto? I saw a flash, but I didn’t hear him say a jutsu.” She said to the blond. “Sasuke’s still out, and the area where that freak bit him is red and puffy. I injected him with a basic antidote from our field kit, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.”

Sakura had taken to talking to the blond, to keep herself awake after she set up the camp. “You know, if you really are a girl, I want to know why you’ve hidden yourself like this. And if its something that the freak guy Orochimaru did, I hope the Kakashi-sensei or the Hokage can fix it.”

She wet the rags again. “You know, I won’t let you steal Sasuke-kun if you are a girl. I remember you kissed him on our last day at the academy. Now that I think about it you hussy, stay away from my Sasuke-kun.”

Naruto just laid there unmoving, her breathing shallow, Sakura would swear she was sleeping.

For hours Sakura talked to the blond about hair care to cosmetics to fashion tips. “You know, Ino sees you she’s going to demand you go shopping for new clothes. Orange doesn’t really suit you anyways. Greens and blues with your complextion and hair coloring.”

Sakura sensed something and turned to see a squirrel coming towards them, she launched a kunai at it scaring it away.

That was close. She thought. It could have been disastrous if that little critter had set off any of the traps. Sakura thought. She checked on Sasuke saw his bandages needed changing, so she unwrapped his forearms and reapplied the healing cream and then rewrapped his forearms.

Baka, why didn’t he say he was hurt from our earlier encounter? Sakura thought with a sigh. Boys. They’re such…

She looked at Naruto. “Maybe when you wake up you can explain the male mind to me.”

She heard a twig snap and her head whipped about to see three ninja with musical notes on their headbands.

Oh no. Sakura thought as they stayed at the edge of the clearing.


Naruto came awake to the sound of battle. Gah, everything hurts, like the time the villagers celebrated my seventh birthday.

Cracking an eye open he winced as the brightness of the rising sun cut through the trees and just happened to smack right into his eyes.

With a groan he woke up to see Sasuke of all people standing over another nin, and from here Naruto could tell that the guys arms were broken. He saw Sasuke was covered with strange black marks. He saw Sakura hugging him from behind and she seemed to look like he felt.

He reached up to scratch the back of his neck, and found really long hair in the way.

“What the…what’s wrong with my voice?” Naruto asked. Sitting up he felt something odd and looked down.

His scream alerted Team 10, Team 9 and his teammates that he was awake…with a very girly scream.


Neji led his team away, he didn’t care what drama was going on, as TenTen carried the battered and bruised Lee.

Team 10 however were in shock seeing Naruto.

Sasuke who had calmed down looked from the new scroll his team had acquired to where Naruto was, he blinked. Shook his head and blinked again. “What the hell happened to the dobe?”

Sakura was already across the clearing trying to calm the blond down.

Guess this answer my question if he was a girl before. Sakura thought. She went to her knees next to the panic filled blond.

“Naruto. Naruto.” She said trying to get thru his hundred mile an hour babble. When that didn’t work, she did the only thing she could think of when Ino freaked. She slapped the blond.

Naruto’s slender hands cupped her cheek as big blue eyes looked at Sakura and they began to fill with tears.

“Stop that.” Sakura said. “Calm down Naruto.”

“C-Calm down?” Naruto repeated, dazed, then she looked at Sakura. “You slapped me.”

“You were babbling incoherently. I had to stop you and you weren’t listening. I do the same thing to Ino when she heads off into her land of babble.”

“I don’t babble.”

Naruto and Sakura looked up to see Ino standing there. “What happened to you?” the other blond said, her eyes moving up and down Naruto.

“Orochimaru did something to him. I saw him become as he…she is now.” Sakura said for both Ino and Naruto. “I didn’t hear a jutsu however, but his hand signs were one handed.”

Ino looked at the pair. “Well, you both look terrible. I’ll fix your hair, you especially Naruto…that’s going to tangle if we leave it as is.”

Naruto’s hand went to her hair and she whined. “I only ever had long hair in my sexy jutsu…” he looked at Sakura. “I don’t…I can’t…”

Sakura put a hand on her teammates shoulder. “Keep calm. I’m sure once we get to the tower Kakashi-sensei will know what to do.”

Ino styled Sakura’s hair. “What a hack job forehead. We’ll have to trim it properly after the exam.” Ino said. Then her eyes fell on Naruto. “And yours, not to mention clothes. I’m sure you’re a knock out, but those clothes will be burned.”

“What?” Naruto yelped. “There’s nothing wrong with my clothes.” She said standing up, and her pants fell down around her ankles.

Ino snapped her head around and saw Shikamaru, Choji and Sasuke looking. “TURN AROUND YOU FUCKING PERVERTS!”

Three boys spun so fast there was an audible snap.

Naruto had his pants up and sat back down, a blush on her face along with a hint of frustration.

“This is the teme’s fault. I just know it.” Ino and Sakura heard the whiskered female mutter, neither corrected her.


Shikamaru leaned under the tree. “So, he destroyed your Heaven scroll, and now you’ve gotten a new one.”

Sasuke growled. “What one do you have?”

“Sadly, a heaven scroll as well. This is a drag.”

Choji sitting near his friend was munching on chips. “So, Shika, you think they’ll fix whatever happened to Naruto?”

“To troublesome to worry about. Besides that, its not our concern.”

Sasuke snorted. “Dobe, it would only happen to him.”

Shikamaru leveled a look at the Uchiha. “You know, if it can happen to him, what’s to say that it can’t happen to you Uchiha? Think about it. If an enemy nin has developed a gender jutsu, they could take prisoners and sell everyone off as breeding stock.”

“That will never happen to me.” Sasuke said. “I’m an Uchiha…”

“Yeah, and if they can turn you into a breeder, think about that in your small little world Uchiha. They make you female, and have you pump out babies.”

The three males shuddered. “I feel sorry for Naruto.” Choji said. He and Shikamaru were friends with the blond, having built up a alliance with the amount of time they spent together after school while in trouble.

“I’m sure that the Sensei’s will fix it.” Shikamaru said, but Choji being his friend for so long heard the thread of doubt.

“What is taking so long?” Sasuke muttered.

Shikamaru snorted. He’d known Ino since he could crawl, even though it was troublesome. “They’re probably fixing Naruto up. His clothes are too big on his…I mean her new frame.”

Choji whistled drew their attention to where the girls were coming out of the tree hollow.

Naruto’s pants had been cut down to shorts, the shirt that had been shredded was a crop top exposing tanned belly. The belt had several new holes in it. Naruto’s jacket was the only thing mostly intact. The strips from the shirt and pants were used as wrappings around the legs.

“Why’d you cut up his pants?” Sasuke asked.

“They were shredded.” Sakura said pulling Naruto along. They watched as the said blond wrapped her now slenderer arms around her midsection, her blue eyes seemed sharper. “What the hell are you assholes looking at?”

Shikamaru shook his head. The package might be different, but the attitude was all Naruto.

“You done Ino?” he asked.

Said blond sighed. “For now.” she looked at Naruto. “And no biting your nails. They’re atrocious. We’ll have time later. Forehead…keep an eye on her.”

“HIM! Damn it to hell Ino, I’m a boy!” Naruto yelled at her.

“Not right now your not.” Ino said as she joined her team. “See you at the tower.” Team 10 left.

Naruto was muttering and cursing. Sakura felt bad for the blond, she really did. Naruto sighed. “I gotta pee.” She said and wandered off.

Sakura closed her eyes and counted down from ten. She’d got as far as seven when, “AHHHHHHHHH! WHERE THE HELL DID IT GO?”

Sakura sighed and went to calm the blond while Sasuke grumbled about useless blond dobe’s.


They’d made it on the dawning of the fifth and last day. Team 7 had found a scroll amongst a group of dead Iwa ninja, and had made their best speed towards the tower.

Naruto swore someone was following them, but Sasuke would answer with, “Stop being such a whiney bitch. Your imagining things.” Or “Grow a fucking pair dobe, its just insects or a wild animal.”

By the dawning of the fifth, Sakura had had enough of Sasuke’s treatment of Naruto, surprising them all when she slapped the Uchiha hard enough to knock him ass over end.

“Stop being such a royal bastard to her.” Sakura said as she stomped up to the Uchiha. “She’s hurting and your being a bigger prick than usual.”

Sasuke held his cheek and looked at her in shock. “You hit me.”

“Adjust.” Sakura said stomping back to Naruto who had her back to them and was trying to stem the flow of tears.

“You okay?” Sakura asked softly.

“Fine…I just…got something in my eye is all.” Naruto said wiping the tears from her eyes on her sleeve of her very battered jacket.

Sakura rubbed her back. “It’ll be okay.”


Sakura smiled. “I’m here, and I won’t leave you alone.” Sakura couldn’t understand it, but this version of Naruto pulled something in her, something that didn’t let even Sasuke abuse the blond girl with them. “You hit teme.”

Sakura blushed and looked over her shoulder to see Sasuke sulking against a tree. “He needed it.” She said.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I mean, I used to be able to take **** like that and fire back…”

Sakura had an idea, but she didn’t want to say it aloud.

“Come on. The tower is ahead and we can see if Kakashi-sensei can fix this.”

Naruto nodded and wiped her eyes again. “Come on teme, let’s get this over with.” She called over her shoulder.

Sakura had to admit, the twin ponytails suited her. My hair wasn’t that long. I’m going to have to show her how to brush it out, snarls will be something vicious since it hasn’t been washed in several days.

Team 7 left the forest and made their way into the tower. “Hey, no one’s here. You think we’re the first?” Naruto asked after they muscled the door open. They had discovered the blond still had his stamina, but her strength was weaker, and her chakra control as Naruto put it “Is back to the way it was in the academy.”

Sakura read the writing on the wall and noted the spaces. “I think we need to open the scrolls here.” She said.

Sasuke and Naruto snapped them open, and they began to smoke. “Throw ‘em.” Sasuke ordered and they tossed the scrolls.

A flash bang later and Iruka Umino was standing before them.

“Congratulations on…”

“IRUKA SENSEI! Am I glad to see you!” Naruto rushed forward.

“N-Naruto?” Iruka remembered the sexy jutsu and closed his eyes and clamped a hand over his nose.

“Sensei, something’s wrong…”

“WILL YOU STOP IT WITH THAT STUPID JUTSU!” Iruka yelled using his Big Head Jutsu.

“Iruka-sensei, its not that.” Sakura said. “We ran into some trouble in the forest…”

They explained what happened and Iruka looked at the blond female before him. “I…I’ll inform the Hokage, but you don’t have time. The next part of the exam is about to begin. You just made it.”

He led them out of the foyer and deeper into the tower where they entered the arena. “You just made it.” He said. “Join the others, I’ll speak with the Hokage.”

Iruka shushined away.

Team 7 looked at the other teams gathered and Naruto whimpered as everyone turned to see her.
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PostSubject: Re: He Said She Said   Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:15 pm

Chapter 3

Sakura grabbed Naruto’s arm and dragged her forward. “Let me go.” Naruto whined. “You can’t make me…”

Entering the tournament hall, they could see the others already gathered, they were lined up by team, one teammate behind the other.

Naruto went behind Sakura who was behind Sasuke, letting the ‘Teme’ take position of team leader, as he didn’t want to be seen right now.

“First off, congratulations on passing the Second Phase of the Chunin Exam.” A Jonin said. “We will now have an explanation of the Third Phase of the Chunin Selection Exam from our own Hokage, Everyone listen up, and listen well.”

With those words the elderly Third Hokage walked forward to the edge of the raised platform, and coughing out some smoke from the pipe he’d been smoking, began to speak.

“The Third Exam will begin. But before the explanation, there’s one thing I want to make clear to all of you.” The Hokage said in a tone that required any decent person to pay attention, “It’s about the true purpose of this exam. In other words, why we do a joint exam with the allied nations of this region of the world. ‘To maintain good relations with the allied nations’ and ‘heighten the level of the ninja’ were the reasons you have probably heard but do not let them deceive you. The ‘exam’, so to speak, is…”

The old man was obviously a lover of theatre as he took a moment to puff on his pipe a moment in order to build up the suspense a bit.

“…The epitome of a war between the allied nations.” Third finished, leaving no mistake in his voice.

“What do you mean?” Tenten asked from her position behind Rock Lee.

“If we go back through history, the allied nations right now were neighboring countries that have fought each other over and over again. To avoid wasting military power, those countries decided to choose a place to fight.” The Hokage replied as he explained his earlier statement, “That is the beginning of the Chunin Selection Exam.”

Naruto sighed, she was bored and the old man was droning on and on, and couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

“Why do we have to do that?” Naruto asked, sounding like she didn’t understand anything beyond the surface meaning of what the Third had said, “We’re not doing this to select Chunin’s?”

Sarutobi seeing the blond for the first time let his eyes widen, but due to years of experience he managed to hide it without anyone seeing his reaction and he used his pipe to gather himself before answering. What are you playing at Naruto? He thought before speaking again.

“Yes, this Exam does examine those who are worthy of the Chunin title. But, on the other hand, it’s also a place where ninja fight and carry their country’s dignity.” Replied the Third Hokage.

“In this Third Exam, feudal lords and famous people from various countries who may be potential clients are invited here as guests. And feudal lords from countries with hidden villages and ninja leaders will see your battles. If there’s a significant difference in power, the strong country will be flooded with jobs. If a country is seen as weak, their jobs will decrease. And at the same time, countries are able to show how their village has grown and possess excellent military power to the adjacent countries. In other words, they can put foreign pressure on them.”

“So why do we have to fight with the risk of losing our lives?” a foreign nin asked, sounding like he didn’t approve of being used in this manner.

“A country’s power is the village’s power. A village’s power is the ninja’s power.” The Hokage replied promptly, “And a ninja’s true power is only born in life-or-death battle. This Exam is also a place to show off the ninja power of one’s country. Since this is an exam where you fight with your life on the line, it has a meaning and your predecessors have fought and dreamed of being in the Chunin Exam because of it.”

“But why do you say it is to promote good relations?” Tenten asked, clearly a bit uneasy about not being told all this beforehand.

“I told you at the beginning to not get it confused with that. The custom of saving one’s life and fighting to maintain balance… that is the good relation in the world of the ninja.” The Hokage said, sounding a bit irritated that one Konoha ninja was still thinking what they’d been told earlier was important, “This is a life-or-death battle for your dream and the village’s dignity.”

A silence fell over the room as the gathered Genin soaked in what the Third Hokage of Konoha had just told them.

Naruto blew out a breath of air. she wanted to say something, but something in the back of her mind told her to keep her mouth shut this time.

Hugging her midsection she kept her head down and pouted. Come on, get this over with. I need Ojii-san or Kakashi-sensei to fix this. The dual ponytail orange wearing blond thought. She hated the feelings she was experiencing and the looks a lot of the male genin in the room kept shooting her.

“I don’t care.” Said the gourd carrying Sand ninja with impatience, “Tell us the details of this life-or-death exam.”

“Then I will now begin the explanation of the Third Exam, but…” The Third said but before he could go further one of the ninja who had been standing behind him appeared kneeling before him.

“Excuse me, Lord Hokage” Said the long haired ninja who wore his forehead protector like a bandana, “I, Gekkou Hayate, the judge, will explain.”

“Please do.” The Hokage said, not sounding bothered in the least at being interrupted.

“Everyone, it’s nice to meet you.” Hayate said stoically before having a slight coughing fit and turning halfway to look at them, “Everyone, before the Third Phase of the Exam, (cough-cough) there’s something I want you to do. Fight in some preliminary matches to see who gets to advance to the Third Phase’s main fights.”

“Preliminary matches? What do you mean?” Asked Shikamaru, sounding like he was something other than annoyed like usual.

“Instructor-sama, I don’t understand what you mean by preliminary matches.” Sakura said in a more respectful manner than Shikamaru from Team 10, “Why can’t we just start the Third Phase of the Exam with the remaining examinees?”

“In this case, it must have been because the First and Second Phases of the Exam were too easy, I don’t know…” Hayate replied with a sigh as he spoke, “But there are too many examinees left. According to Chunin Exam regulations, we must decrease the number of participants before we can proceed with the main matches of the Third Phase of the Exam. As previously mentioned by Lord Hokage, there are many guests for the Third Phase of the Exam, so we cannot just have a lot of matches.”

Muttering from the gathered genin at this.

“We are limited on time as well. So those that aren’t feeling well…” Hayate said before getting stuck in a coughing fit for a few seconds, “Excuse me. If anyone wants to quit after hearing the explanation, please let me know. The preliminary matches will begin immediately.”

This was not met with much approval from those teams who had only arrived today or yesterday, since they were still in the process of recovering from the exertion of making it to the Tower.

Naruto paused as he mentally considered skipping out and getting his situation fixed.
“I forgot to mention this, but you will have one-on-one matches from here on out.” Hayate said, sounding a little embarrassed at forgetting such an important fact, “So please withdraw if you wish.”

Sakura looked over her shoulder at Naruto who she saw was cutely biting her bottom lip thinking it over. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye and turned to see Sasuke wincing and putting his hand over the place where Orochimaru had bitten him.

We’re in no shape for this. I should tell the proctor. Naruto is still not recovered, even with her ungodly stamina, but she should pull out and get taken care of. Sasuke…

“We should pull out.” Sakura said whispering only to have the Uchiha snarl at her. “I will not lose. Keep your damn mouth shut and mind your own damn business.”

Sakura wanted to hit him like she had when he’d insulted Naruto. She was about to bring the bite to the attention to the Hokage and gathered Jonin on the raised platform when the Genin they’d met in the classroom, Kabuto raised his hand.

“I’ll quit.” He said with a soft smile.

This caused a whisper fest among the other examinees since the glasses wearing Konoha Genin didn’t seem to be all that banged up, the guy looked completely unharmed, which made his quitting the exam puzzling to the others.

“Let’s see…You are Konoha’s Yakushi Kabuto?” Hayate asked as he looked through the clipboard of info he had in his hand, “You may leave, then.”

“Kabuto-san, why are you quitting?!” one of his teammates asked, clearly showing that he didn’t understand.

“I’m sorry, but my body is completely worn out already from the forest, and we’d just gotten here.” Kabuto replied from his place on the edge of the assembled Genin, “I doubt I’ll be able to put up much of a fight in the next Phase, so I’d rather not embarrass myself by continuing.”

After saying a few hushed things with his teammates, words that were definitely not friendly even though no one couldn’t make them out clearly, Kabuto exited the room.

With a cough, it sounded like Hayate was about to resume his work as judge for this Phase of the Chunin Exam.

“May I assume that there are no more people who wish to withdraw?” Examiner Gekkou asked letting his eyes pass over the remaining Genin.

This led to Sakura once again trying to raise her hand to draw attention to Sasuke’s cursed seal but her efforts were stopped more forcefully this time as Sasuke clamped down hard on the hand she was intending to use.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Sasuke hissed.

Naruto meanwhile lost in her own mind decided to stay and see what he could do, despite being in the body of a girl at this time. Nothing is going to stop me from becoming Hokage, and if that Hebi-teme thinks this sick jutsu or whatever it is will stop me, I’ll show him, and next time I’ll kick his ass for sure, Believe it! The blond thought to herself.

“Then, let’s begin the preliminary matches.” Hayate said, clearly ignoring the conflict occurring in Team 7, “It will be a one-on-one match. In other words, it will be like real combat. Now that we have exactly twenty people, we will have ten matches and the winners will be able to advance to the main part of the Third Phase of the Chunin Exam. There are no rules. You will fight until the other person dies, is knocked out or admits defeat. If you don’t want to die, please give up immediately.”
several people looked nervous again.
“However, if I judge that the match is over…(cough)…I may stop you to prevent any unnecessary deaths.” Hayate said, making everyone wonder why the guy wasn’t in a hospital, “The thing that will determine the match ups will be this.”

As the Examiner spoke those words, one of the panels on the scoreboard that was built into the wall was pulled up to reveal an electronic bulletin board.

“This electronic bulletin board will randomly display the names of the two fighters for each match.” Hayate said in his usual stoic manner, “Without further delay, I will now display the names for the first match.”

Looking up at the bulletin board, they watched as the names, went by at a rapid pace and Nartuo wondered if it would be his name that appeared. It was soon revealed that Fate had a different member of Team 7 in mind when it determined the match up for the first battle.

Akadou Yoroi VS Uchiha Sasuke.

“Those whose names were displayed, step up.” Hayate said with his hands behind his back, “The first match’s fighters are Akadou Yoroi and Uchiha Sasuke. Are there any objections?”

Neither fighter stated that he had an issue with the match up.
“We will now begin the first match.” Hayate said before coughing a bit, “Everyone other than the two fighters, please move up there.”

With his left arm the man indicated the balconies that existed on either side of the room about fifteen to twenty feet off the ground.

Without further delay, all the Genin as well as the Chunin and Jonin present began to go to one of the balconies in question with those from Konoha noticeably sticking closer to the people they knew. The balcony on the right side of the room soon held Team 8, Team 10, Team 9 and Team 7 with Naruto dragging her feet. The balcony on the left side of the room had only the Sand ninjas but from the looks on their faces Fan Girl, Pajama Boy and that creepy Ghoul didn’t mind having it nearly all to themselves.
Kabuto’s other teammate and the Sound team were further down from them near the other set of stairs.

Naruto seeing Kakashi against the wall, rushed up to him.

“Kakashi-sensei, am I glad to see you. I…”

“Calm down Naruto and drop the henge. Watch Sasuke’s match, you might learn something.”

“Its not a henge, I need to talk with…”

“Enough Naruto. Watch Sasuke’s match.” Kakashi said again ignoring the blonds chatter.

“Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke. It’s always about the teme. I need your fucking help and all you worry about is…”

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Kakashi said stepping away from the blond. “I don’t want to hear about this prank Naruto. Its time you grow up and you take responsibility.” He stepped away from Naruto and went several feet away. “I will talk with you about this behavior and your blatant jealousy later.”

Naruto’s slender hands tightened into fists, her nails digging into the palm of her hands so hard they drew blood.

“This isn’t a prank. We…” Naruto stopped as Kakashi turned away and went to the other end of the balcony.

Naruto felt a tear slip down her cheek and she closed her eyes.

Damn you sensei. I need your fucking help and you continue to ignore me. You speak of taking responsibility…you don’t know the meaning of the damned word you thrice damned hypocrite.

Naruto felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to look at the bearded face of Asuma Sarutobi, the Jonin instructor for Team 10, and the Hokage’s son.


She nodded.

“Ino and Shikamaru told me what happened.” He shot a look at Kakashi who was watching Sasuke’s fight and ignoring everything else.

“We’ll talk to the old man after the prelim’s.”

“Thank you.” Naruto said, her voice was low. “At least someone cares.”

Asuma shot Kakashi a hard look.

You stupid bastard. I swear, since you wish to play favorites, then fine. You can have your precious Uchiha, Hatake. We’ll take the rest of your team. Asuma thought. He’d never liked how Hatake played favorites. He’d watched the man giving the Uchiha special training after dismissing the rest of the team.

And Naruto needs the most help and you’ve shown him nothing and now she…HE is in trouble and pain and you continue to ignore him.

Sasuke’s match ended with him stealing a move from Rock Lee. After Hayate announced him the winner, Kakashi vanished with him using a Shushin.


Chapter 3 part 1 end
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Chapter 3 part 2

Shino Aburame of Team 8 defeated his opponent of the Sound team by clogging his arm weapons with his kikai bugs and blowing them up, ending the other boys career as a ninja.

Kankuro of the Sand team defeated Kabuto’s other teammate with a puppet and poison, the Genin didn’t survive as medic nin’s rushed to save him.

Naruto watched as Ino and Sakura fought, neither showed much, but they had a good foundation of the basics and they fought using those. While they fought they continued to exchange insults. Ino picking on Sakura’s looks and hair.

They talked about their past friendship and how they broke it off over Sasuke. Sakura surprised everyone when she said it was a foolish thing to do. She missed her friend.

After that they picked up the action, Ino cut her own hair in an attempt to trap Sakura, and she did using a mono-wire she’d thrown with the hair to immobilize Sakura and use her family jutsu the famed Shintenshin no Jutsu, the mind body switch.

Naruto heard Shikamaru talk about it as he explained it to Kiba and Rock Lee. Naruto watched as Sakura’s hand was coming up.


This drew the attention of the pink haired girl, as well as the rest of the eyes in the hall onto the slender whisker marked blond.

In the arena below Sakura managed to regain control and eject Ino. Both girls were nearing exhaustion and in the end it came down to them charging one another and punching one another in the face, sending them both flying. Hayate checked them both over.

“Both are unable to fight. Due to a double knockout, no one passes the fourth preliminary match.” Hayate announced to the spectators.

Naruto was surprised to see Kakashi appear and with Asuma gather up the two Kunoichi and return them to the balcony as neither was hurt enough require attention of the medic’s.

Naruto knelt by Sakura’s side, ignoring Hatake.

“They’ll be fine Naruto.” Asuma said as he pulled out a cigarette. “They’ll wake up in a couple of minutes.”

Below TenTen and Temari’s match went on, with the Suna kunoichi dominating TenTen who couldn’t land a hit on the fan wielder. Temari was announced the winner. Her antics after the fight brought on some drama as Lee caught his teammate from being seriously harmed after being slammed in the spine with the huge metal fan and then thrown towards a wall while unconscious.

Shikamaru won his match against the Sound kunoichi by using his shadow possession jutsu and having her knock herself out.


“Next fight, Naruto Uzumaki versus Kiba Inuzuka.” Hayate announced the names off the board.

Naruto looked at Sakura who’d woken up during the last match. “Well? Go on?” the pink haired girl said with a grin. “Show ‘em what you got.”

Naruto meanwhile was feeling uncertain now that his/her match had arrived.

“Hey, hey. Look at this Akamaru, looks like we’ve got us an easy win.” Kiba crowed.

Naruto’s eyes narrowed at this. He could hear the others around the dog user agreeing with this. He looked at Kakashi whose nose was buried in his book, not even paying attention.

I’ll show them. Naruto thought as she leapt from the balcony to the floor below.

Kiba snorted. “So you’re a chick now? Doesn’t matter if your hot, your still going down.”

Naruto’s eyes narrowed. “I’m going to kick your ass Kiba.”

“Bring it on…Bitch!”

Killing Intent flooded the arena causing everyone to look at the blond now. The blond in the middle of the arena floor was surrounded by a vortex of purple chakra. “I AM NOT A BITCH! I AM NARUTO UZUMAKI AND I AM A BOY GOD DAMN IT! A BOY!”

Kiba laughed. “Not according to my nose, bitch.”

The vortex of chakra exploded faster and the floor around Naruto was scorched. “That’s it asshole, I’m going to kick your ass.” The slender blond said as she took up her fighting stance.

In the balcony, Sakura’s brow rose. Where did she…HE learn that? Naruto’s never fought like that before?

Kakashi looked over his book and raised an eyebrow. “Why hasn’t he dropped the henge?” he asked Sakura.

The pink haired Kunoichi scowled at her teams sensei. “If you would have listened to Naruto you would know.” Then as an afterthought, “How’s Sasuke?”

“He’s fine.” Kakashi said already going back to his book, figuring Kiba would decimate Naruto in no time, not concerned about the blond at all.

Sakura scowled and looked at the arena. “COME ON NARUTO! KICK HIS ASS!”

Hayate sighed as he raised his arm. “Ready?” both competitors nodded.

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Chapter 4

Kiba stood there sneering. “So, a girl…I’d ask how, but…” he shrugged as he put Akamaru aside and told him he could do this on his own.

“I really don’t care. I mean this is just showing everyone that your dead last, both as a boy, or a girl. Now at least the outside matches the skills on the inside.”

The kunoichi around the room glared at the Inuzuka male at this comment. Above Kurenai, his sensei scowled at this. Kiba, your pushing it.

“Whatever Kiba. Your full of hot air.” Naruto said.

“Oh yeah. Proctor, get ready to announce me as the winner, as I’m going to win this with just one punch.”

Kiba moved fast and the blow connected sending the blond flying into the arena wall.

“Tsk. Told you.” Kiba said and turned away.

Above with those watching in the balcony there were many snorts and agreements. Sakura however was watching the shattered wall. Her hands were gripping the rail tight. Silently she was repeating “Come on Naruto, get up. Don’t fail here. Get up.”

Below Kiba is still boasting, “Well come on and announce it already.”

Hayate shakes his head and coughs. “Why not?” the Inuzuka demands.

“Because that was a Kage Bunshin.” A female voice says and Kiba finds himself pulled into the ground as the blond kunoichi appears above him now. “Learned that watching Kakashi doing the same thing to the teme.”

“YEAH!” Sakura yells and smiles as her teammate is showing what she can do. Kakashi lowered his book and those that know him can see the frown at Naruto using a technique he’d demonstrated.

Back in the arena Naruto back flips out of the way as Akamaru becomes involved allowing his master to dig himself out of the headhunter jutsu.

“Aw come on Akamaru.” Naruto whined as she dodged the dogs bites. She didn’t see Kiba and it took him grabbing her ponytails, wrapping the long hair around his fist and kicking her legs out from under her, before she realized he was free.

“Listen here bitch.” Kiba said as he yanked her hair hard, exposing her neck. “No one disrespects me like that, not some dead last whore…”

Gasps filled the balcony.

“Well its over now.” Kakashi said as he put his book away. “I’m going to check on Sasuke.” He shushined away without caring about his student.

Sakura glared at where the man had been, but her eyes snapped back to the arena.

“Now you give up, before I rough you up.” Kiba said as he pulled on Naruto’s hair harder, his foot on her legs, kept Naruto from getting her feet under her and taking pressure off.

“FUCK YOU KIBA!” Naruto snarled as she swiped at him, but he blocked it then slapped her with a backhanded blow across the face.

“You need to learn your place bitch.” Kiba said yanking Naruto’s hair harder and forcing her head back. “Perhaps a good taming. Would you like that? Do you need to be claimed?”

Naruto’s eyes widened as Kiba sniffed her neck and his free hand squeezed her breast.

“STOP THAT! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU KIBA!” Naruto yelled as she struggled. Akamaru backed away not liking how his partner was behaving.

“Heh, like you can bitch. I’ll mark you as mine and you’ll be my personal sex toy. How do you like that Naruto?”

Above in the balcony, all the kunoichi were getting pissed. Kurenai was glaring at her student. We will be having a long talk after this Kiba, and your mother will be present as well.

“Stop it.” Sakura was saying. Ino was next to her. Both girls were looking upset at the scene below.

“Sensei.” Ino said as Asuma stepped up behind them.

“It’s a sad thing, but it could happen in battle. A captured kunoichi could be raped.” He said.

Both teens looked at him. “But doing it to a fellow nin, even in this tournament is wrong.” He looked over and saw that Kurenai was as pissed as he was. “Kiba might win this match, but he won’t survive the lecture that’s for sure.” He muttered as he turned back to the fight below.

Kiba was groping Naruto’s breasts hard. “You have a nice rack, bet your tight as hell.”

Naruto’s eyes changed. They went from their normal blue, to having slits. Kiba didn’t notice the darkening of the whisker marks nor the elongation of fangs and claw like nails.

“I’m going to kill you.” Naruto swore, her voice becoming deeper, more gutteral.

Above Sakura had a flashback to the forest.

Kiba never saw the clawed hand snap up and he howled in pain as Naruto’s claw like fingers sliced his arm. He let her go as he backed away in pain. Naruto rolled and then a kick up. The purple chakra was back.

“You pathetic mutt. You think you can do that to me? I am going to make sure you never reproduce again!”

Naruto blurred into motion and Kiba was kicked hard with a side kick and sent flying.

Naruto blurred again and a spinning kick sent Kiba flying off into another direction. Naruto seemed to shimmer again those watching seeing a blond blur. The younger generation not knowing what was going on, but the older ninja recognized it.

Asuma felt the cigarette in his mouth fall and he whispered a word that hadn’t been heard in Konoha since the death of the Fourth Hokage.


Kiba was sent into the air by a flip kick. Naruto was about to move when Akamaru tackled her. Kiba hit the ground and rolled. He lay there watching as Akamaru and Naruto rolled around on the ground, Naruto’s claws leaving bloody gouges in the nin-dogs side, while Akamaru clamped his teeth into the blonds shoulder, shredding the jacket.

Kiba whistled and Akamaru backed off. All three competitors in the short amount of time were now bleeding. Akamaru winced as he moved, the claw marks in his side told him he’d pissed off the blond female, and he could understand her anger, she was an alpha in every way and Kiba disrespected her badly.

Kiba ripped his jacket and bandaged his arm where the slashes were, he didn’t take his eyes off the blond.

Naruto was on her knees sucking in huge amounts of air, which had many men in the arena focused on her heaving chest. She looked at her jacket and peeled it off, wincing as she felt the bite mark from Akamaru on her shoulder. She touched them and sighed seeing they were already healing.

Seeing where Kiba was looking Naruto scowled. Why are men such perverts? With a sigh she stood and drew several shuriken. Kiba smirked. “This is over bitch.” He tossed Akamaru a pill.

He performed a series of had seals. “MAN BEAST CLONE!”

A puff of smoke and Akamaru transformed into a perfect copy of Kiba. Naruto threw the shuriken and leapt into the air, narrowly avoiding the oncoming vortexes of man and dog.

Man, I narrowly avoided getting pulped there. Naruto thought as she flipped and landed seeing Kiba stop before connecting with the wall. Funny thing was she could smell which was which.

“You know Kiba, you really need to take a bath.” The blond taunted. The Kiba on the right growled. “I give you a bath when I’m done.” He snarled.


Naruto leapt again, but not quick enough as one of the spinning vortexes of destruction caught her ankle and she fell to the ground. Kiba was on her in a second pinning her to the ground.

“Hehe, not so tough now are you Naruto?” he said leaning in and sniffing along her neck.

Naruto was panicking as Kiba straddled her and had her arms pinned above her head.

“Get off me Kiba.”

“Don’t think so. In fact I think I’m going to get a taste of you now.” he said sneering as he lowered his head closer. Naruto did what any woman in her place would do.

She bit Kiba’s nose as hard as she could drawing blood. Kiba reared back screaming in pain and was half on his knees when Naruto struggled out from under him and kicked out as hard as she could, her foot connecting with Kiba’s privates.

Every man watching from the balcony winced and covered their own manhood in sympathy while the females present cheered as Kiba deserved it for his behavior.

Naruto rolled and came to her feet, glaring at Kiba. “Get it through that thick rock you call a head, I’m a boy.”

Naruto with a spin kick staggered Kiba back. The Inuzuka boy staggered back still holding his teeth marked nose.

Naruto however was not in the mood to let up and went with alternating left and right roundhouse kicks, that Kiba either avoided or blocked with a forearm. Naruto went to a hand stand and started spinning kicks driving Kiba back.

“Agh! That’s it! Akamaru get the bitch!” Kiba whined as a kick slipped through and sent him to the ground, again rapping his wounded nose.

Naruto flipped to her feet and saw the Kiba-clone lunge. “Oh no you don’t!” she said and ducked and as the Kiba-clone Akamaru went overhead, Naruto kicked her leg into the air from where she lay on the ground on her back.

Akamaru’s eyes widened as he reverted back to normal and once again, everyone winced as poor Akamaru was balanced on the flat of Naruto’s slender foot, via his balls.

Naruto flexed and dropped the whimpering dog to the ground. “Sorry Akamaru, but…”

Kiba tackled Naruto to the ground, pushing her face into the ground as he straddled her once again.

Kiba using a hand held her wrists together as he ripped off his belt. “Stop struggling.” He ordered as he bound her hands together. Naruto didn’t listen and bucked and then her eyes got wide as she felt something.

“YOU SICK BASTARD!” Naruto screeched as she tried to throw the Inuzuka boy off.

“Heh. You like it rough, I’ll give it to you rough bitch. Hell if your still wild when I’m done I might let Akamaru have a go.”

The room went deathly still at this. Kurenai was pissed at her student beyond belief. Hinata too was glaring at Kiba, the usually shy Hyuga heiress was mad at her teammate for treating the blond like this. She was shocked when she’d seen Naruto arrival.

During the fight she activated her Byakugan and was shocked by what she saw. Naruto’s chakra paths were larger, and the weird gathering she used to see around the boys stomach was gone.

Hinata wondered what happened to Naruto during the exam, it had changed him drastically.

Below Naruto continued to struggle and those watching could only standby as Kiba fondled the blond, humiliating her in front of everyone.

Sakura spun around looking for her sensei, but he wasn’t there again. She spotted Team 10’s sensei.

“Asuma-sensei, you’ve got to stop this. Naruto…”

“Naruto’s not done. Look.” Asuma said and they both looked down as a second Naruto appeared and kicked Kiba off. The new Naruto pulled the bound one to her feet and unbound her hands, tossing the buckle aside.

“Kage Bunshin.” Sakura said, but she was amazed that the blond did it without hand seals.

Below the now freed blond adjusted her top from the manhandling Kiba had done and leapt at the dog boy. Her leaping kick was blocked, but she landed and spun on her hand with a leg sweep. Kiba hit the ground hard with an “OOMFF!”

Naruto stood over Kiba and then proceeded to kick him repeatedly in the crotch.

The proctor was shocked as Kiba’s eyes rolled into his head, meanwhile Naruto was ranting.


Hayate called the match “Winner…Naruto Uzumaki!”

Naruto wasn’t listening as she continued to kick Kiba’s balls in and ranting. It took Asuma shushining down and pulling the irate blond away and dragging her up to the balcony, the whole time she was spewing threats to Kiba’s manhood which he didn’t hear as he was unconscious in pain, the medics loaded him onto the stretcher, and Akamaru as well, the dog whining and vowing never to cross that blond again.

Asuma set Naruto down, and the blond slumped against the wall. Now that she wasn’t fighting, the adrenaline wore off and she began to shake over what Kiba had threatened to do.

Why? I’m a guy…I…

Sakura was there and put an arm around the blonds shoulder. Naruto broke down and cried against her while below the rest of the matches went on below.


Chapter 4 part 1 end
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Chapter 4 part 2

Neji obliterated Hinata’s confidence and she gave up after a few moments of his taunting.

Gaara of the Suna ninja and Rock Lee destroyed most of the arena, in the end Gaara won, Lee was saved by his teacher and carried away by the medics.

Choji lost his match to the sound ninja that they’d encountered in the forest. Naruto had calmed down during the Gaara/Lee match and watched as the heavy boy lost to the sound ninja.

They took a ten minute rest period while the arena was repaired. Kakashi still hadn’t returned and Asuma put a comforting hand on Naruto’s shoulder.

“We’ll see the old man after this.” He said and Naruto nodded.

“To those who have made it to the main matches of the Chunin Exam’s Third Phase… all but one are here, so congratulations.” Hayate said from his place on the raised platform with the Jonin and the Hokage standing behind him.
Naruto realized that Sasuke wasn’t back. Figures. It’s always the Uchiha. The changed boy thought as he pulled the shredded jacket tighter about the female frame.

“I will now begin the explanation for the main matches.” The Third Hokage said, taking the spotlight away from Hayate, “Your main fights will be shown in front of everyone. We wish for all of you to show off your abilities as your country’s representative power. Therefore, the matches will begin in one month.”

“We’re not going to do it right here, right now?” Naruto asked, clearly not seeing a reason for things to get delayed so long.

“The one month is a time to conduct appropriate preparations.” Sarutobi replied while holding his pipe.

“What do you mean?” Shikamaru asked from further down the line of qualifying Genin.

“In other words, we are going to announce to the feudal lords and head ninja of the individual countries that the preliminary matches have ended.” The Third replied, looking towards the one who asked the question, “And time is needed to gather those people for the main matches. This is also time for you candidates.”

“I still don’t understand. Explain,” stated an irritated Kankuro, who looked like he wanted to give the Hokage a piece of his mind with the aid of his puppet.

“This time is used so you can know your enemy and yourself better,” explained the old man with no emotion in his voice to indicate that he noticed Kankuro’s tone. “It is a time to analyze the information you have gathered during the preliminary matches. The battles we had were just like real combat situations. It has been done where both parties knew nothing of each other. But the main matches will not be like that. There are those who have revealed everything to their rivals. To make things fair, work hard and improve yourselves on your own in the next month.”

“So, I want to let you guys go, but there is something important we must do before the main matches.” The Hokage said with a slight grin.

Naruto growled. Hurry the **** up Ojii-san. The blond thought. You need to fix this and I need to get some major training in.

The sound ninja was just as impatient. “Will you hurry up you old goat.”

“Don’t get so hasty. Take a piece of paper from the box that Hayate is holding.” The Hokage said as the proctor stepped forward.

“I will come to you so please wait your turn.” Hayate said with a cough.

Naruto was the first to be approached, and doing his best to ignore the looks he was getting from the others reached into the box and removed a single piece of paper. This went on and on down the line until every Genin present had a piece of paper in their hand. Once done, it was apparently Examiner Ibiki’s turn to take over the post preliminary proceedings.

“Okay, everyone got one?” Ibiki asked holding a clipboard in his hand, “Now, tell me what number you got, starting from the left.”

“One.” Naruto said making it clear he was still clueless as to the reason for this and making the sound nin mutter about airhead blonds.
“Seven.” Temari said with about as much emotion as a rock would have.
“Five.” Kankuro replied.
“Three.” Gaara said in his usual creepy manner.
“Nine.” Replied Shikamaru and everyone that knew him could just tell he wanted to add ‘troublesome’ to his response.

“Two.” Neji said coldly.
“Six.” Was what Shino revealed.
”That leaves the Uchiha with four.” Ibiki said in obvious reference to the missing Sasuke.
“Yes. We will now tell you the match ups for the tournament.” The Third Hokage announced to the Genin arrayed in front of him.

“What?” Naruto exclaimed in surprise.
“That’s what we drew for?” Shikamaru asked, shock managing to keep his favorite phrase at bay.
“Ibiki, show the match ups.” The Hokage ordered.

The match ups were as follows:

Match 1: Naruto Uzumaki versus Neji Hyuga

Match 2: Gaara versus Sasuke Uchiha

Match 3: Kankuro versus Shino Aburame

Match 4: Shikamaru Nara versus Temari

Dosu versus the winner of Match 4.

“I have a question.” Shikamaru said, raising his hand like he was in a classroom.
“Okay.” The Third said giving permission for the Genin to speak.

“If it’s a tournament, that means there’s only one winner right?” Shikamaru asked as though confirming his own suspicions, “Does that mean that only one person can become a Chunin?”

“No, that’s not how it is.” The Hokage replied as though about to explain things, “The main matches will have judges, including me, The Kazekage, as well as the feudal lords and head ninja from the other countries, who will be potential clients. These judges will grade you by watching you in the tournament. And those who are qualified to be a Chunin, even if they lose in the first round, will become a Chunin.”

“So there’s a possibility that everyone here can become a Chunin?” Temari asked, sounding more interested than before.

“Yes, but that also means that it’s possible for no one to become a Chunin.” The Third replied, pointing out another point of view, “Winning the matches in the tournament means that you are able to show off your skills more. Understand?”

From the look on Shikamaru’s face, you could tell that ‘troublesome’ was being used multiple times since the Nara boy was in a longer night with an extra fight. Temari looked as he did not happy with what she’d heard.
“That is all. We are adjourned until next month.” The Third said declared dismissing the assembled ninja. His eyes went to Naruto who didn’t move as the other ninja filed out.

Sarutobi lit his pipe and motioned for his son. “Let’s take this to my office. I’m sure this has to do with my errant student.”

Asuma nodded. “Oh yeah. It also will deal with Kakashi’s negligence.” The bearded Jonin growled.


Sakura was standing next to Naruto.

“Come along Sakura, I’m sure you have most of the tale to tell us.” Asuma said and both Sarutobi males noticed how Naruto seemed to relax at hearing this.


(Hokage’s Office)

For the last hour the two Genin explained to the Hokage what had transpired in the forest, from the fight with the snake and Orochimaru, to Naruto’s transformation.

The young blond looked at the Hokage with wide blue eyes. “You can fix this Ojii-san. Right?”

The Hokage looked at the eyes filled with hope, trust and fear. “Asuma, send for Hiashi, Anko and Jiraiya. He’s near the bathhouse. Tell him that if he’s not here I’ll ban his books in Konoha.”

Asuma nodded.

“We’ll see Naruto.” Sarutobi said. “Let me see the seal please.” He said standing up. The blond pulled off the remains of her jacket and went with the ram seal. Chakra surrounded her, purple. Sarutobi looked and frowned.

“Hm. Hold still.” He ordered and went through a series of seals.

His eyes widened and Asuma came back in. “I sent messengers…what’s wrong.”

“Get Eboshi here now.”

Asuma went to do what he was told, he heard the concern in his fathers voice.

“Ojii-san?” Naruto asked, her voice squeaked.

Sarutobi dropped into his padded seat, his hand shaking as he reached for his pipe.

“Lord Hokage?” Sakura said, concern in her eyes for her teammate.

“I…the jutsu I performed…” the old man was suddenly feeling his years. Shaking his head. “We’ll wait for my personal doctor as well as my student Jiraiya. I could be wrong and I don’t want to panic you.”

“Too late for that Old man. I’ve been a girl for several days and everything feels wrong. I don’t know what I’m feeling…and I feel fat and bloated….”

Sarutobi’s eyes widened as he heard a phrase he hadn’t heard since his wife passed and his daughter in-law moved out with his other son.

“Would you like some chocolate?” the Hokage asked praying he would stem the blonds questions until the doctor got here. Please Kami, get Eboshi here quickly. I swear I won’t read Icha Icha in the office any more if you get her here soon…

“You know what’s wrong Ojii-san?” Naruto asked.

Sakura was looking away. She was going to let the ultimate ninja take this one.

Deals off Kami, I’m going to put in overtime on Jiraiya’s books. Sarutobi thought.
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First 4 chapters are up. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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When the people that the Hokage requested arrived, they found the strange sight of a blond girl curled up on the couch with a hot water bottle and a girl with pink hair sitting with said blonds in her lap softly humming to her. They saw the Hokage on the far side of the room by the window, his pipe sending up smoke clouds as his gaze was on the monument.

“Lord Hokage?” Anko said.

He turned seeing his doctor, the Snake Jonin, his son, Hiashi Hyuga and he frowned seeing Jiraiya missing. “Where’s Jiraiya?” he asked.

Asuma coughed. “He’ll be along in a moment…he was…”

“Get him here now. Get Jiraiya here now and tell him…” they noted the panicked look in the Hokage’s eyes.

“Ease up old man, you’ll have a heart attack.” A voice said and they all turned to the window where Jiraiya slipped in the window. “And what’s so important that you pulled me away from…my research.”

“I need you to examine Naruto’s seal.” Sarutobi said.

“Fine, fine. Where is he?”

“She is on the couch.” Sarutobi said and all eyes looked at the blond hugging a hot water bottle to her. Jiraiya’s eyes widened. “Your joking.”


The Third spent the next several minutes explaining everything to those gathered, eyes would slip to look at the girl on the couch.

Jiraiya walked up slowly to the pair on the couch. “Naruto…”

A pair of blue eyes looked up at him and Jiraiya could tell the blond was getting more and more freaked with each passing moment.

“My name is Jiraiya.” The older man crouched before the couch. “I’m one of the Third’s former students…he’s asked me to look at your seal, to see what Orochimaru has done.” Jiraiya was speaking low and calmly, “I understand its been several days, can I see where your seal was please.”

The blond girl moved the hot water bottle and Jiraiya told the blond to stay where she was.

He went through numerous hand seals and his frown deepened with each one. “Eboshi…could you come here please.”

The Hokage’s personal doctor did and Jiraiya moved a bit. “Can you run a diagnostic please.”

“What’s wrong?” Naruto asked.

Jiraiya held up a finger for a moment. Eboshi ran several tests, her brow wrinkling more and more.

“This is not possible.” She said looking over her shoulder.

Jiraiya sat on a chair near the couch.

“What?” Anko finally asked. “The suspense is killing the rest of us.”

Eboshi put a hand on Naruto’s shoulder. “Congratulations Sarutobi, she’s a girl.”


Naruto sat there looking at the white haired man that introduced himself as Jiraiya. The others went to the side and were talking.

“You can fix this…right?” she asked. Sakura looked at the man as well.

Jiraiya contemplated telling a lie, but he hated giving false hope. “No. It seems whatever Orochi-teme did, combined with the seal you already had…well gaki, it fused you and the Kyuubi. It rewrote your entire DNA structure and as far as I can tell, the Kyuubi was female and in an act of desperation imprinted herself on you as the seal Orochi-teme did was meant to cut you off, the Kyuubi fought and…” he sighed. “You are one hundred percent female now.”

Naruto shook her head. “No. Nononononononononono…” she shook her head faster and faster, sitting up and backing away from everyone. “This is a dream…I drank stagnant water or something. This is all a dream…I want to wake up now…”

Sakura reached out and Naruto backed away “No. This isn’t real…I can’t be a girl…I…can’t.”

Across the room Eboshi was talking with the Hokage. “The scans I ran are positive. Naruto is female now, and she’s just started her period.”

Asuma and his father winced. “What’s more is she’s going to need to learn about her new body as well as things a kunoichi should know.”

Anko looked at the blond starting to freak out. “Someone better get a tranquilizer.”

They looked on as Jiraiya tried to calm the new girl down as he explained.

“Where’s his…sorry, her sensei?” Eboshi asked.

Asuma scowled as he walked away. “Busy sucking off the Uchiha.”


Sarutobi listened after they managed to calm Naruto down as Jiraiya explained the mess that Orochimaru has made. “The Kyuubi is dead. The gaki…girl here has all the chakra, and from what I heard instincts similar to an Inuzuka.”

“Excuse me…” Sakura asked from where she was sitting on one side of Naruto. Asuma was holding the shuddering blond and talking softly to keep her calm. When they looked at her she looked down. “Um, during Naruto’s fight with Kiba…that purple chakra…”

Jiraiya nodded. “It would be the end result of the merging. Naruto’s normal chakra was blue-white. The Kyuubi’s chakra was red.” He clasped his hands together locking his fingers. “Together they are one hundred percent merged into this new chakra.” He looked at the shuddering blond. “Did you notice it was becoming easier to control?”

For a moment it looked like Naruto wasn’t listening, but when she spoke, her voice had a minor tremor to it. “At first…it was hard to use, like I was back at the academy…but by the time I fought Kiba, it was becoming easier…and when I got mad when he…when he…”

Asuma felt her shake. “Its okay Naruto. It will be okay.”

“No it won’t. I’m a girl. H-How can that ever be okay.”

No one had an answer for the blond.

Jiraiya decided to continue. “With some proper training, I bet within a month you’ll be better than ever with your chakra control.”

Eboshi looked at the blond. “Well have to do some tests, and update your medical file.”

“What medical file?” Naruto asked.

“Well…you have been to the hospital…right?” the Hokage’s physician asked.

Naruto shrugged. “When I was brought in after a beating, they would wait till Ojii-san left and then kick me out. I doubt they made a file for me.”

Behind his desk, Sarutobi growled and shared a look with his son. The two Sarutobi males who haven’t seen eye-to-eye in some time came to an accord, sadly the hospital staff was soon to be undermanned as a result.

“What now?” Naruto asked.

“Well, we’re going to need to get you new clothes, new hygiene products, a full physical…” Eboshi listed off. She grabbed the Hokage by the ear as he tried to slip away.

“And Sarutobi-kun is going to pay for it all. Right ‘Lord Hokage’?”

The eldest male in the room gulped and nodded, knowing if he didn’t his doctor would set him up for a prostate exam faster than Jiraiya could peep on the women’s bathhouse.

“Anko and Sakura here will help explain things…”

Both kunoichi looked at the doctor who just control.

“I meant about the Chunin exam.” Naruto said and Sakura couldn’t help it laughed.


The hospital was the first stop. Naruto was ushered into a room with Eboshi while Anko had gone to get the blond some clothes that hadn’t been mauled. Sakura was waiting with the two Sarutobi males and strangely, Jiraiya who was lost in thought.

“Sakura, what are you doing here? Sasuke isn’t allowed visitors.” Kakashi said. The pink haired girl looked up at him and shook her head.

“Waiting for Naruto.” She said.

“Ah, well shame he lost to Kiba, but there is always next…”

“Naruto beat Kiba, sensei.” Sakura said. Kami, he really does suck as a sensei. She thought in disgust at the fact he gave no credit to her blond teammate. She ignored the voice in her head until Naruto had been transformed she was just as bad.

“Hm. Well, I’m afraid I won’t have time to train him.” Kakashi said. “I was told that Sasuke will be fighting Gaara of the desert. I’ll need to make sure he’s prepared.”

“What about Naruto? He’s facing Neji Hyuga.” Sakura asked, Asuma off to the side listened very carefully, he noticed his father and Jiraiya were under genjutsu’s hiding them, and since Kakashi didn’t have his Sharingan uncovered they weren’t detected.

Kakashi waved it off. “While I’m sure Naruto got lucky with Kiba, probably that strange henge I told him to drop and he didn’t, but he is outclassed by the Hyuga. No, I need to focus on Sasuke as Gaara is the dangerous opponent.”

“What about…” Sakura began but was cut off.

“I’m sure that I can get someone to keep an eye on Naruto.”

Asuma who had been listening stepped out of his genjutsu, “Don’t bother Kakashi, I’ll help Naruto.”

“Asuma.” Kakashi turned towards the other Jonin. “There’s no need. I’m sure I can make arrangements. Besides don’t you have your own students to worry about?” Kakashi said trying to get the other man to go away.

“Shikamaru has advanced true, and I will help him as well as Naruto.”

“Oh, there’s no need to do that Asuma. Naruto is…” Kakashi began but was cut off as the Hokage stepped out of the blind. “Naruto is under my watch and Asuma has offered to teach him where you have done nothing.”

“He is my student and I have…”

“Shown us nothing Kakashi-sensei.” Sakura said, and she looked down as he narrowed his eye at her.

“I have spoken with Naruto and Sakura and after some time they have admitted that the only thing you showed them was tree climbing…two months after having them, and taking them on a C-ranked mission.” The Hokage said as he lit his pipe ignoring the nurse at the desk who cleared her throat and looked at the “NO SMOKING” sign.

“As of now, Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno are no longer your students.”

“What? You can’t mean that Lord Hokage. I need this team to…” Kakashi said, but was cut off again, this time by Asuma.

“To pander to the Uchiha’s ego. You are sacrificing two careers for your fixation on helping the Uchiha due to some guilt you hold over the death of your teammate…”

“Don’t go there Asuma.” Kakashi growled.

“Enough!” the Hokage roared. “Kakashi, Team 7 is disbanded. Train the Uchiha for the finals of the Chunin Exam. Sakura and Naruto will be given over to new teachers, they are no longer your concern.”

Asuma snorted. “They never were in the first place.”

Kakashi looked at the bearded Jonin then gave a stiff bow to the Hokage before walking away.

“Minato would be disappointed in him.” Jiraiya said releasing the genjutsu’s.

“That name sounds familiar.” Sakura said turning to look at the white haired man.

Jiraiya smirked. “He was Kakashi’s sensei. He believed in teamwork and never favored one student over another.” He looked at the Hokage at this last part. “Minato didn’t care about clan’s or bloodlines. He believed in giving each student his full attention and teaching them all equally.”

They were quiet, before Sakura asked. “What will happen to Naruto and I now?”

Asuma was saved from answering at the shrill yell from the exam room.

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Naruto exited the exam room, and Sakura saw the blond was beet red. “Pervert.” She heard the blond mutter and the annoyed doctor walk out. “Get back in that room.”


“Yes, move it.”

“No chance in hell.” Naruto said.

“Get your skinny ass in that exam room, or I’ll make you.” Eboshi snarled.

“You couldn’t find a wet dream around Kakashi.” Naruto said crossing her arms over her ample chest. “Where are my clothes?” the blond said looking at the others. She didn’t get far as Eboshi reached out and grabbed her by her pigtails and dragged her back to the exam room kicking and screaming.

The door slammed shut and glowed as Eboshi activated the security jutsu.

Sakura looked at Asuma. “What was that about?”

The bearded Jonin looked at the pink haired teen like she was insane. “And how would I know what goes on during a female exam?”

Jiraiya off to the side couldn’t help but laugh. Sarutobi looked at his former student. “Get Tsunade here.”

“And how am I to do that sensei?” Jiraiya asked. “She wants nothing to do with Konoha, and you know why.”

The Third Hokage sighed and looked at his former pupil. “Walk with me Jiraiya, there are some things you are not aware of.”

Sakura watched them go and turned back to Asuma. “What will happen to Naruto and I now?” she asked.

“We’ll take care of that Sakura. We’ll get both of you up to par with the training you should have had to start with.” Asuma said as he took a seat once more.

Sakura started to fidget, she hated waiting. “You did well against Ino, despite your lack of training.” Asuma said.

Sakura shrugged. “Truthfully, I didn’t do so well. If Naruto…” she looked at the door. “If she hadn’t called for me, Ino would have won. He…she always does something like that.”

“You’re a good friend.” Asuma said.

“No. I wasn’t. It took Naruto being transformed before I started to realize how badly I treated him…damn it, her. Ugh, this is going to drive me crazy, imagine how this is going to be for Naruto.”

Asuma smiled. “As long as we’re there and Naruto can count on his friends…”

“Asuma-sensei, I don’t think Naruto has any before now.” Sakura said softly. “But he’s got me now, and Ino too I think.”

Asuma didn’t call her on the slip of calling Naruto male. Hell, he thought of the blond as a he still as well, it would take time for it to fully sink in.

“We’ll be there for Naruto.” Asuma said.

Sakura looked at the door. “Why is it so quiet now, when we could hear everything from before?”

“I think the doctor activated the security seals on the room.”

“Oy, where is everyone?”

Jonin and Genin turned to see Anko with a bag.

“What took you so long?” Asuma asked.

“You try clothes shopping for a girl that you barely got the measurements for and lets see how well you do. We’re going to need to do major shopping after this.”

Sakura nodded. “Naruto will need clothes and everything.”

Asuma shuddered. He hated shopping, but he had promised to be there for Naruto, and this meant even for things like this.

Anko was smirking, but Sakura asked something that’s been bothering her. “Um, why are you here?”

Anko looked at the girl and raised an eyebrow. “Gaki didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?” Sakura asked.

“Of course Naruto wouldn’t say anything. (sigh) I’m one of Naruto’s watchers. He’s known me since he was little. I try to help when I can and I’m not on missions. The exam is the first time I’ve been able to see him in nearly a year.”

Anko dropped onto the bench sandwiching Sakura between her and Asuma. “So your the one who taught him that fighting style.” Asuma said recalling the stance the blond had taken in the match against Kiba.

“Yeah. Naruto only uses it once and a while, preferring to keep what skills…he…she has under wraps.” Anko said. “Now I have another reason to kill my former sensei.”

Sakura was confused. “If you’ve known Naruto…why…”

“The council keeps interfering.” Anko said softly. “The Hokage can only do so much.”

“But he’s the Hokage.” Sakura said and the pair of Jonin felt sorry for her. “And he’s one man, an old tired man who is fighting an uphill battle against our own village to keep Naruto safe and alive.”

“We’ll talk more when we’re not as exposed.” Anko said. She looked at Asuma. “I’m moving Naruto into my apartment. The council can go **** itself.”

“Good idea.”

All three jumped seeing the return of the Hokage and Jiraiya. “During the coming month Naruto is going to be getting training from several teachers. Jiraiya wants to teach hi…her some things. Also during that time, Naruto will need to learn what it is to be a kunoichi.”

“I…I can help.” Sakura said.

The Hokage smiled. “Eboshi will be pleased I’m sure.”

“Milord.” Anko said standing. “I request reassignment.” Anko said rising from the bench then going to one knee. “While I understand Master Jiraiya is a Sannin, Naruto and I have…”

“I approve Anko.” He looked at Asuma and the Sarutobi males shared a thought and came to another agreement. “Anko, I am giving you Jonin Instructor status. Your team will be Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. You will work in conjunction with Team’s 8, 9 and 10 for higher ranked missions, or borrow a third member depending on mission parameters.”

Anko smiled at this, while Asuma felt a chill run down his spine seeing that grin.

“You won’t regret this.” Anko said.

“You take care of them Anko. Both of them.” The Hokage said.

“Damn right I will.” Anko muttered.

Sarutobi knew he should never have allowed the council to keep Anko away from Naruto. The boy had flourished under her care in his early days. But once she was out of the way, the sabotaging of his ninja career began in earnest. Time to fix things. The Hokage thought.

The door to the exam room opened and Eboshi exited. “Do you have clothes for…”

Anko handed her the bag. “She will be out in a moment.” The door closed again, Anko sighed. “I didn’t get a bra, wasn’t sure on her size.”

Sakura’s eyes widened as Anko looked at her and smirked like a predator that just found a land full of sheep and no escape.

“You’ll help her with that pinky.”

Sakura sputtered.


Naruto rejoined them dressed in baggy pants and a black shirt, her battered jacket tied around her waist. Sakura smiled seeing the pout on the blonds face. “What’s wrong Naruto?”

Naruto shot a look over her shoulder at Eboshi who came out. “SHE…” the blond yelled pointing at he Hokage’s personal doctor, “Put…did…SHE’S AN OLD PERVERT!”

Eboshi shook her head. “I had to do a full exam kiddo.” She handed the file to the Hokage.

“One hundred percent female, and her chakra has stabilized even more.” The Hokage looked the file over and raised an eyebrow seeing something. “She’s…”

“A virgin, and as I said in your office, she just started her period. I’ve given her the standard injections that all kunoichi get, she’ll need it every three months.”

The Hokage nodded. “I’ve also made me Naruto’s primary physician from now on. Now, while you get her clothes and other things, I think its time I have a nice long talk with the rest of the staff.”

The Hokage panicked and the thought of shopping and pulled out a scroll and handed it to Asuma. “Tell the shops to send the bills to me when their done, I think it best if I help Eboshi here with the medical staff.”

Asuma realized what his father had done, and he knew there was no way now he would be able to escape. Anko didn’t help matters either.

“Don’t worry Asuma, I won’t tell Kurenai you spending the day shopping with three hot kunoichi.”

He flinched and Naruto looked around. “Three? You, Sakura and who?”

“You gaki.” Anko said.

“I’M A…”

“Girl. I always wanted a sister anyways.” Anko said with a grin putting an arm around the blonds shoulders. “Now, while we’re doing this, we’re going to set a few ground rules.”

“Ground rules?” Naruto asked.

“Well, you’re moving in with me for one thing. The council can go and get a Hokage Tower enema for all I care.” Anko said leading the blond away. Sakura followed still processing that the insane Jonin would be her sensei. Asuma brought up the rear, he looked for Jiraiya, but the Toad Sage was already gone. Damn. He thought, reaching into a pocket he realized he was out of cigarettes. Double Damn. In the words of my student, this is troublesome.

“No boys in your room with the door closed.” Anko said.

“Wh…EW! Anko I like girls.” Naruto’s voice carried and Asuma had a mental picture and with Naruto’s new looks and as close as she was to Anko, the Jonin Instructor of Team 10 rocked back with a nose bleed from hell and the thought of the blond and another female together.

He hadn’t noticed Sakura’s dribble of blood, as the young kunoichi wiped it away and shook herself.


“Why do I have to wear a bra? Anko doesn’t?” Naruto argued as Sakura handed the blond several styles to try.

“Actually, the mesh I wear is tight enough so I don’t need a bra.” Anko said from where she was leaning against the wall. Asuma was outside, he’d rushed out the minute the girls started talking about bras and panties and Naruto’s comments of “Doesn’t that hurt wearing that?” or the “Where’s the rest of it?”

“I’d suggest sports bras.” Anko said to Sakura. “Naruto’s too active to wear those flimsy things.” She said seeing the lace undergarments.

“But what about when she’s not on a mission or training?” Sakura asked. “I’m sure Naruto won’t wear the same clothes all the time.”

“I have before.” Naruto said. “And why can’t I have orange?”

“No orange. Since we’re getting you a whole new wardrobe, we’re building you a proper closet full.” Anko said. Seeing the cute pout Sakura went and came back with several pairs of orange bras and panties. “Here, you can wear these under those dark clothes we picked out.”

Naruto looked at the clips and then at Anko. “Why do girls wear such torturous clothes if they’re this uncomfortable?”

“Hell if I know. If you notice I’m not the most feminine kunoichi out there.”

Naruto sighed. She slipped back into the changing room, and was quiet until. “Um, how do I hook these?”

Anko smirked as Sakura closed her eyes and stepped into the changing room. “Who would have thought.” She smirked.

In the changing room Sakura froze. “I think I prefer the sports bras. These clasps are tricky.” Naruto said and Sakura was frozen in place watching the blond act like a contortionist, pushing her chest out more as she arched trying to hook the clips right.

Licking her dry lips, Sakura had to admit Naruto had a figure that girls her age would kill for.

“Hold on.” Sakura said going behind her to hide her blush and traitorous thoughts. She unhooked the bra, and saw that Naruto had missed the loop and it only had one hook in.

“Hm. Perhaps we should get you some tube tops instead.” Sakura suggested. “Or you could do wraps.”

“Sakura-chan, what do you do?” Naruto asked.

“THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” she raised her hand to thump the blond and stopped seeing her cringe. “Oh god…I’m sorry Naruto…” she lowered her hand and backed up. “I’m sorry. I…”

“Its okay…I’m sorry for asking.” Naruto said softly, her back to Sakura. She grabbed a sports bra and slipped it on, then the black sleeveless crop top and cargo pants, rushing from the changing room.

“Naruto, wait…I…”

Sakura lowered her eyes. She raised the quickly when Anko kicked the changing room door in.

“What the hell did you say or do to her?” the special Jonin hissed.


The blond had rushed out of the store, and only stopped because Asuma had grabbed her arm and pulled her back. The blond cried into his chest and railed that it wasn’t fair, and he lost track after that as she seemed to speak at a rate that was far to quick.

Anko came out and looked at Asuma. “Pay for the **** on the counter.” She said and took Naruto down the street. He watched as the woman that Anbu feared was talking softly to the blond who shook her head.

Asuma entered the store seeing Sakura at the counter with several bags.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“No.” Sakura said looking away. “I…Naruto asked a question, and I felt self conscious and reverted to how I was and almost hit her. Kami I am such a shallow bitch.”

“No, your not shallow Sakura, you are a girl that has had to reevaluate all she’s known. I’m sure Naruto if she wasn’t being assaulted by all these new emotions, feelings and the fact hormones would be forgiving you, but right now she’s on a roller coaster.”

Sakura sniffled. “I have to change…” Sakura said. “I can’t act like that. Naruto…Naruto needs a friend so badly. All she’s suffered and then I pull my psycho self…”

Asuma patted her shoulder. “It’ll work out.” He looked at the bags. “We done?”

“Um, we need hygiene products and…”

Asuma handed her a roll of ryo. “Nope. You can get what she’ll need.” The Jonin shuddered at entering the pharmacy and getting lotions, and such, and he pitied Naruto who was about to get a crash course.

Sakura looked at the ryo, her eyes wide. “We’re not getting that much…”

“Get whatever you’ll need. I just don’t want to know.”

Sakura smiled. “Never went shopping with Ino?”

“Nope. I leave that to her parents. I bribed Kurenai to speak with her about kunoichi standards as she would know better than I.”

Sakura sighed. “I wish Kakashi had done that. He handed me a pamphlet and said good luck.”

Asuma closed his eyes cursing a certain white haired Jonin. “I’ll have Anko and Kurenai speak to the two of you, and spend time answering your questions.” He said. “The two of you have been ignored and mishandled for so long.”

“Thank you.” Sakura said.

“Its okay. Now, lets go make sure Anko hasn’t corrupted Naruto.”

“She wouldn’t do that.” Sakura said.

“Oh, not like that. I mean taking her drinking and eating dango.” Asuma said.
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Chapter 7

Sakura was surprised to see Anko’s apartment looking so…Normal. The special Jonin must have seen the look as she smirked. “What did you expect, bondage equipment on the walls? Torture devices instead of furniture?”

“N-No…well…maybe.” Sakura admitted.

Naruto walked in and dropped onto the couch. The whisker marked blond sighed. “I hate shopping.” She declared.

Anko laughed as Asuma followed them in huffing and puffing carrying nearly thirty bags between his hands and his back.

“Ah, Asuma, thanks.” Anko said with a smirk. The smoking Jonin had made a comment outside the chemists and Anko had blackmailed him into carrying all the bags while she and Naruto talked and Sakura was dragged along.

“Just put them down there, we’ll move them to Naruto’s room once we straighten it up.”

Asuma dropped the bags and sighed as his arms tingled from the loss of weight.

“I hate you Anko.” He muttered.

Anko blew him a kiss and motioned for him to sit.

“So?” Sakura asked as she took a seat next to the blond. They’d been rather quiet after getting hygiene products and her blow up in the clothing store.

“We’ll need to set up a schedule for Naruto. Not only does she…”

“HE!” the blond yelled.

“SHE!” Anko fired back. “You’re a girl gaki. Get it in that cute little head of yours. There’s no going back.”

Naruto crossed her arms over her ample chest and pouted. Asuma closed his eyes at the images and knew in his gut the blond was going to be a heartbreaker all over Konoha and not even try.

“As I was saying.” Asuma said with a deep breath, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes he’d picked up while waiting, but Anko’s look had him put it away. “Not only will Naruto need to retrain her skills, but learn what being a kunoichi is about.”

“Why can’t that wait until after the exam?” Naruto asked. “I mean, I don’t want to waste time on useless things when I could be getting stronger.”

Asuma sighed. “You need to know your body before you can do anything Naruto. Your chakra paths are different, your physical strength is different as is your balance.”

Anko’s “She’s top heavy with those knockers.” Was heard despite being mumbled.

Naruto being Naruto smirked. “Jealous mine are better than yours?”

Anko smirked. “You don’t want to play that game with me, you know I’ll win.”

Naruto deflated. “Yeah.”

Sakura shook her head. “And we also will be doing team training as well Naruto. Anko’s our new sensei and she won’t…”

“She won’t treat us like Kakashi.” Naruto mumbled as she looked at the coffee table. “You still have this old thing?”

Anko smiled. “Of course I do. You got it and fixed it up and varnished it for me. I love it.”

“Huh?” Sakura and Asuma looked just as confused.

“Naruto a couple years ago for my birthday got this table out of a abandoned home. It was beat up and faded. He spent weeks sanding it and then staining it before giving it to me. Kids a natural with woodworking.”

Naruto shrugged. “Not hard when I had to fix my apartment up all the time, bound to learn something.”

Sakura put a hand on her teammates shoulder. “Your not going to be alone Naruto.”

The blond sighed and stood. “I’m going to see my room.”

Anko watched her go down the short hallway. “I want to kill Kakashi and the council.” She growled.

“Leave those fossils to the old man.” Asuma said.

“And Hatake?” Anko asked.

“We’ll figure something out.”


Naruto sat on the bare bed in the guest room that would now be his. He’d stayed there when his apartment had been badly vandalized at times and it would take time to fix.

“Home sweet home.” She muttered. Sitting with her back against the headboard she brought her knees up and hugged them as tears slowly fell as it was sinking in that he Naruto Uzumaki was now a girl. Her forehead touched her knees and she cried silently.


(Konoha General Hospital)

Kurenai stood at the foot of the bed, her gaze looking at her genin was cold. “I taught you better than that Kiba.” She said. The Inuzuka heir was admitted with crushed testicles and was scheduled for surgery the next day.

“Don’t even try to make excuses.” She hissed. “I informed your mother and sister…”

The boy winced at this.

“You will make a formal apology to Naruto. She’s been traumatized enough with what happened and then you do that to her, a fellow Konoha nin.”

“I…” Kiba said weakly. “I don’t know if I can trust you on my team Kiba.” Kurenai said. “With myself and Hinata as kunoichi, its bad enough we have to expect that kind of behavior from enemy nin and bandits, but from our own teammate, I don’t think either of us would feel safe after that display you put on in the arena.”

Kiba was quiet, he knew messed up. “I’m sorry sensei.” He said after she’d fallen quiet.

“That’s not good enough Kiba.” She said coldly. “After you are out of here, the Hokage wants to have words with you.”

Kiba winced again. “I know I did wrong sensei…but why does the Hokage…”

“BECAUSE HE SEES NARUTO AS HIS GRANDSON!” Kurenai roared. “You better pray to Kami that the Hokage has calmed down by the time he sees you Kiba, or you visiting Ibiki might be the least of your worries.”

“I…Ibiki?” Kiba asked his voice still rather high from the pounding his testicles had taken.

“The head of ANBU’s interrogation squad.” Kurenai said. “The man who ran the first exam.”

Kiba swallowed. “Your actions have consequences Kiba. Doing what you did, against a fellow Konoha ninja is grounds for interrogation to determine your fitness as a ninja of this village. Add in to who you did it to…” Kurenai shook her head.

“I’ll be back tomorrow after your surgery to check on you.” Kurenai said. “I had Shino take Akamaru back to your clan house where he’s getting attention.”

Kiba silently nodded his thanks at that.

“H-How bad is everyone’s reaction?” he asked as she reached the door.

Kurenai looked over her shoulder. “Words spreading.” She said. “I wouldn’t expect many of the female population to be very nice to you for the foreseeable future.”

The door opened and closed leaving Kiba alone with his thoughts.

I did a duuuuuuuumb thing. He thought and sighed, wincing as his crushed balls twinged as he thought of ways to apologize to Naruto for his behavior.


The Hospital staff was down to a skeleton crew. Retired medics were being brought in and after a grilling by Ibiki were allowed to resume jobs in the hospital.

It would take a long time before the hospital recovered from She-Who-Wouldn’t-Be-Named. (Eboshi had castrated six doctors and punted a dozen nurses over the monument before the Hokage turned it over to Ibiki as it was a kinder form of torture.)


Jiraiya stood atop the Hokage Tower, his mane of hair blowing behind him. Man Minato, your kids got some of the worst luck. He thought as he took a swig from the jug.

“How the hell am I going to explain this to Tsunade?” he muttered out. “Best find her and let sensei tell her.” He thought, thinking that would save him from his former teammates wrath.


Kakashi Hatake looked at the memorial stone and sighed. I’ve lost them. He thought. The lecture from the Hokage in his office still ringing in his ears. He was allowed to train the Uchiha for the finals, and after that Sasuke Uchiha would be given over to a new instructor and team.


“That’s final Kakashi.” Sarutobi said as he sat behind his desk.

Sarutobi looked at him. “You ask me that after the way you’ve treated your students…”

“I’ve done nothing wrong Lord Hokage. Granted I may have focused more on Sasuke, but the council has ordered…”

“And that’s another thing. The council has no business in ninja affairs. You deliberately sabotaged Naruto’s career by ignoring him, and you did the same to Sakura.”

“I was teaching them teamwork and…” Kakashi started but was cut off.

“And giving special training and scroll to the Uchiha. My decision is final. Sakura and Naruto have a new sensei that is going to be spending time fixing your mistakes.”

Kakashi blinked and tried to think of an argument to keep his team. In the end he couldn’t.

(End flashback)

And now I have just Sasuke for the month. He thought ignoring the fact that he had been planning on ignoring his other two students to focus on the Uchiha. “What am I going to do Obito?” he asked the stone. It didn’t answer him back.
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Chapter 8

Sakura stood in the doorway of Naruto’s room the following morning. She’d gone home soon after Naruto went to her room.

Oh…Naruto. She thought seeing the blond sleeping atop the bare bed. Anko was in there behind the blond with a blanket over both of them. Anko had told her to just enter before she left last night.

Maybe I should have stayed. Sakura thought seeing the dried tear marks on the blonds cheeks.

“Put the pot on.” Came the rough voice causing Sakura to jump. She saw Anko with her eyes open.

“What?” the rosette haired girl asked.

“Coffee, in the kitchen. Turn the pot on.” Anko said, her voice scratchy.

Sakura nodded and headed back the way she came. In the kitchen she checked and saw old grounds so she dumped them and made fresh and once she added the water, and turned on the coffee maker. She got a mug down hearing Anko moving about.

“Morning sensei.” She said and the woman waved to her after coming out of the bathroom.

“Kurenai will be here in a couple hours and we’re going to start teaching Naruto how to use feminine products and about her body. If you don’t want to do that, I have a couple of scrolls to start you with, as well as a schedule for you to follow to get in shape.”

Sakura saw them sitting on the counter and picked them up.

“I won’t lie girlie, you are nearly as messed up in Naruto. His was through the actions of others. Yours are because you worried more over a boy.”

Anko sat with her first cup of coffee while Sakura read the outline for her training schedule. “You’re going to teach me your style?” she asked reading the basics for her taijutsu.

“Yes.” Anko said. “And Kurenai’s going to help you with the Genjutsu. Hell Hatake should have spoke to her after you passed your Genin test.”

Sakura was realizing how badly Kakashi was as a sensei and how much he favored Sasuke.

Deciding a change was in order she asked, “How did Naruto sleep?”

Anko sipped her coffee. “I won’t lie. There were tears, some swearing she put a hole in the wall by the closet where she hit it out of anger.”

Anko sighed.

“Sensei…about Naruto…I mean we can’t keep calling her that name…”

“Why not?” Anko asked. “Its her name. Just because the wrapping’s changed, the mind is Naruto’s. leave her name alone Sakura. It’s the only thing she’s got left really.”

The pair were quiet while Anko finished the first cup of coffee and then started a second one. “I’m going to shower. Let Nai-chan in when she gets here. Let Naruto sleep, she needs it after the day she’s had prior to this.”


Sakura didn’t know why, but she waited until she heard the shower before going to Naruto’s room. She looked at the blond, really looked and saw the face without the metaphysical mask the blond wore. She saw the pain and loneliness.

I have so much to make up for with you Naruto.

Breaking from her thoughts, she saw Naruto tossing in the beginnings of a nightmare and went and sat on the edge of the bed, she ran a hand up and down the blonds back.

“Shhh. Its okay Naruto. Its okay. You’re safe.” She said softly while rubbing the blonds back like her own mother used to do for her when she was upset.

Sakura sighed as the blond calmed down and she heard a knock. Getting up she made it to the door as it opened and Kurenai stood there.

“Oh. Sakura.” The red-eyed Jonin said. “Anko here?”

“She’s in the shower. Come in. sorry I wasn’t there to get the door, Naruto was…” she bit her lip not sure what she should reveal.


Sakura nodded. “He…” Kurenai paused and closed her eyes. “She used to get them a lot when she was younger. With what has happened, I’m not surprised they’re back.”

Kurenai moved about the apartment with the hint of familiarity. She left her jacket over the back of a chair and rapped on the bathroom door. “Anko, I’m here.”

Sakura couldn’t hear the response from where she was but Kurenai made an affirmative noise and went to Naruto’s room. Sakura followed wondering what the red-eyed Jonin of team 8 was going to do.


Sakura peaked around the doorframe and saw Kurenai holding Naruto, the blond girl was sobbing and clutching Kurenai tightly.

“Its okay Ruto. Nai-chan is here.” She said soothingly. “No one will hurt you ever again. Anko and I won’t let that happen.”

Sakura was realizing there was much about her teammate that she didn’t know. How he seemed to know all the Jonin sensei’s, his connection to the Hokage. Not to mention the fact he was the now former container to the Kyuubi. That had caused the pink haired girl to be really thoughtful of everything she’d seen growing up and how the adults had treated Naruto over the years.

And now this.


Teaching Naruto how to use the feminine products they bought yesterday had been loud, and it was a good thing Anko didn’t have neighbors with the amount of yelling the blond was doing.

Add in he asks “Why?” all the time as well. Sakura thought as she nursed a bottle of water. She and Anko had left as Kurenai was giving Naruto Kunoichi lessons from hygiene to sex ed.

Thank Kami I don’t have to listen to that. Sakura thought as she could image the blond asking so many questions. But he’s never had anyone sit down and tell him this.

Anko had gotten Sakura chakra weights and some for Naruto. “While Naruto is getting a wider range we are building on the knowledge you got from the academy. With the Hebi Style and the strength enhancements you will be a very deadly kunoichi when we are done.” Anko said.

Sakura could tell her new sensei was worried about the blond, but they were told to stay away by Kurenai who explained that this was going to be very embarrassing for Naruto as it was.

“Both of you are very important to him, as am I. I could let Eboshi do this, but…”

Kurenai said it was a big sister’s role to help the younger. And so Kurenai banished Anko from the apartment and told her to start Sakura’s training and they would catch up to them when they were done.

“Breaks over pinky.” Anko said. “Another two laps and then I’ll show you the cool down stretches.”

Sakura groaned as her body protested and wondered how Naruto was doing.


(Anko’s Apartment)


“And that’s what the tampon is used for.” Kurenai said a bit tired.


“Naruto…are you okay?” Kurenai looked at the shell shocked blond. They’d covered biology, sex education, and Kurenai finished it off with the use of the products that now line the counter in Naruto’s bathroom.


“Breath Naruto.” Kurenai said putting a hand on the blonds forearm.

“Why do women do this to themselves?” the blond finally managed to ask. “Some of those products sound vulgar and I won’t use them!”

Kurenai smiled. She remembered Anko when they were younger saying the same thing.

“You will.” Kurenai said. “Your body is different now Naruto. Some of these things will make you feel better, others are just to make you smell nice and some are for others to appreciate.”

The blond folded her arms under her chest. “Well I won’t. I don’t care what other guys think of me, and sticking that…(points at a tampon) just sounds nasty.”

Kurenai laughed. “I sweat you spent way too much time around Anko before, because that is something she said when we learned about feminine hygiene products.

“And the clothes.” Naruto was gesturing at some of the things. “Bras and those…things.”

Kurenai looked at the thongs and smirked. “Who picked those out?”

“Anko and Sakura. Asuma ran away the minute Sakura held up the first bra.” Naruto said.

“I see you got bulk in sports bra’s.” Kurenai said.

“They were comfortable, the other ones looked like they would break in a fight or pinched.”

Kurenai nodded understanding Naruto’s problem, seeing the new girl with a large chest.

“Now we’ll begin the jutsu’s you’ll need to know.”

Naruto turned red at some of them and had some ideas about the others.


(Konoha General Hospital)

Kiba had not enjoyed the visit from his mother and sister. The lecture and scolding he got was nothing compared to what his mother threatened him with.

“If you misbehave like that, then it will be time to use the choke collar jutsu.” She had said and while he was bedridden, she had applied it.

Hana waited till their mother left to speak with the doctor about Kiba’s surgery when she rounded on him, her clawed hands gabbing him by his hospital gown. “Damn good thing Naruto kicked your ass little brother. Naruto is not only a fellow leaf nin, but he’s been a dog friend since he was little. Trust me when I say that the kennels are not quiet with many of the dogs looking to have a few words with you.”

Kiba’s eyes widened.

“Akamaru followed your orders, and while he’s recovering he’s going to have to think if he wants to continue to partner with you.”


“Naruto is a friend to the dogs. You remember how many times we’d find him in the kennel petting the dogs and helping cleaning them up before you all started the academy?”

Kiba did remember. He remembered how he changed when he got to the academy and followed the other kids in being mean to Naruto, insulting him.

“Mother is finding out how Naruto is now that he’s been turned into a girl. And you can bet your ass that you will be making a formal apology in public…and mean it.”

Kiba nodded. He’d been thinking about that since Kurenai-sensei had visited last night.

“Mother is also going to arrange for Naruto to visit the dogs and see if we can find her a companion to bond with.”


Hana looked at him for a moment. “That is mothers decision as clan head.” She finally said. Hana let him go and he winced as he fell back to the bed. Hana paced the room a moment, then picked up his chart and looked at it. She scanned it and whistled. “Wow. She fucked you up good nut-less.”

Kiba whimpered as his crushed testicles testified to the abuse they got.

“Along with minor concussion, cracked ribs…” Hana continued. “And from what your sensei said, Naruto held back.”

“What? No way. He’s he deadlast.” Kiba said.

“She never showed her potential and you better get it in your head to remember Naruto is now a woman, and in the pecking order of our pack, which is Konoha if your too stupid to remember that, she is Alpha to you.”

Kiba slumped into the bed. She’s right. Naruto owned me, even in class…

Kiba started to think on how to apologize to Naruto. And she is hot. His mind thought. The twitch in his crotch told him thinking of Naruto like that is the wrong thing to do.
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Chapter 9

Tsume Inuzuka stood outside the apartment of Anko Mitarashi and hesitated. It had been several years since the blond had come to the compound, but during his time growing up, he had been accepted by her clan as friend. The Inuzuka’s had always looked out for the blond over the years.

Minato would be disappointed with the civilians. She thought over the number of times one of the dogs would come to fetch her or another to help the boy when they found him beaten down.

And now…now he’s a she. Tsume felt for the child. He had a burden none in the village could live with. The Aburame come the closest to know what its like to have something inside you like that.

She remembered the first time when she had come across the blond. He was three, and it was a cold winter.


Tsume growled at the idiocy of the council. She was walking back from a meeting that had lasted more than four hours, and it was now nearly ten at night, the snow was falling, obscuring vision to a couple of feet. Kuromaru padded along beside her, as her long time companion the two rarely were apart.

“Someone’s ahead.”

“Probably someone else on the way home.” She said.

“No. there’s blood…and pain…it’s the fox.”

Tsume growled. “What’s he doing out in this? Isn’t he supposed to be in the orphanage like the other children?”

The dog and master walked into the swirling snow as the wind picked up.

Kuromaru forged ahead in the deepening snow, Tsume trusting his nose followed and they entered an alley. What she saw stopped her cold. Laying in the deepening snow in a freezing pool of blood was a body getting covered by snow, a small childlike body.

“Damn it.” She hissed and dropped to her knees and rolled him over. She winced seeing the stab wounds.

“He’s still alive.” She said feeling the pulse.

“He won’t be if he’s out here much longer.” Kuromaru growled. Nodding she scooped him up and looked at her companion. “Lead the way, hurry.”

She couldn’t believe the idiot civilians. She looked at the pale child in her arms and prayed they got back to the compound in time.

(End Flashback)

And he panicked when he woke up a day later, alive and warm. She cursed the civilian council and Koharu and Homura blocking all attempts at someone willing to adopt him.

Well the **** stops now. and I am doing what my sister wanted to do before she left and get him a partner.

Tsume missed her sister Rin. The only Inuzuka in a generation not able to bond with a Inuzuka ninja dog. And my idiot husband banishes her from the family when she kicked his ass without a dog.

Shaking her head the door opened and she was face to face with Anko.

“What?” the special jounin demanded.

“I’m here to see Naruto.” Tsume said.

Anko narrowed her eyes. “I’m not real impressed with your family right now.”

“Neither am I. Kiba will be making a public apology, and he will mean it.” Tsume told her.

Anko blocked the doorway. “I’m not…”

A voice from in the apartment called out, “Let her in Anko-nee-chan. She’s a friend.”

Anko looked over her shoulder and Tsume could see her weighing the words and nodded, stepping aside.

Tsume entered and waited, her hands at her side in an unthreatening manner.


Tsume got her first good look at the new Naruto. “Hey pup.” She said softly. Naruto seemed to break and lunged forward. Tsume accepted her and hugged the blond. “Shhh. I’m here.” She stroked the blonds longer hair.

Anko watched as the blond she felt was her sibling being soothed by a woman that clearly was a mother figure.


It was an hour of Tsume comforting the blond before they actually talked. Naruto told her about how it happened, the response from Kakashi and what had happened during the preliminaries.

“Kiba is not getting off lightly pup.” Tsume said. “The whole kennel is pissed at him, especially how he’s treated you since the academy began.”

She stroked the blonds hair. “So, the Hokage and Jiraiya confirm that the fox is gone?” she asked.

Naruto nodded. “Ojii-san had the pervert run a series of tests.”

Anko spoke up. “They figure the fox tried a last ditch effort, and in the end merged with Naruto, with whatever the seal that the slimy bastard used that messed with the seal the Fourth created.”

Tsume nodded. “Kurenai-sensei and Anko-nee-chan have explained things…” Tsume saw the look in the blonds eyes and chuckled. “And here Hana was looking forward to giving you the talk.”

Anko laughed and Naruto shuddered.

“So, what brings you here before eight am on a Sunday?” Anko asked.

“I came to get Naruto a companion.” Tsume said.

Said blond looked up at her, blue eyes wide.


“Yes. And with the fox gone, I think we’ll be surprised.” She kissed the blonds forehead. “After you were born, Rin…my sister had a mark placed on your foot.”

Naruto smiled as he remembered Tsume explained to Anko.


“Why are you being so nice to me?” a five year old Naruto asked Tsume as she sat him down and was teaching him to read and write.

“Because my sister marked you as a friend.”


Tsume gestured to his left foot. “That mark on your heel.”

She watched as the blond bent and contorted his body to get a proper look at the mark on his heel.

She laughed as he rolled over. “My sister knew your family, and no, I can’t tell you who they are…it’s a Double S-class village secret, those that do know can’t tell.”

Naruto pouted.

“But I can tell you, my sister Rin marked you, its done from time to time. She was your godmother…”

“Where is she? Why did she abandon me? Didn’t she want me?” the questions came at rapid pace as they usually did with the hyperactive blond.

“Rin died shortly after you were born on a mission to Kiri. If she had lived you would have lived with her I am sure. And never doubt pup, the moment you were born, Rin loved you as if you were her own.”

On that day Naruto learned that he had lived with Rin till her death.

“With that mark you are clan friend.”

Then came the heartbreaking of telling him that he could visit, but the civilian council prevented him from being adopted. Every time he came it broke Tsume’s heart when it was time for him to go.

(End Flashback)

“So, can we?” Naruto asked Anko. “We’ve been working hard all week. My chakra control is awesome.”

Anko looked at the big blue eyes and knew that she could deny the girl nothing.

“Let me get dressed.” Anko mock growled in annoyance.

Tsume smiled. “I’ll even feed you.”

Anko snorted. “You food bill will increase.”

Tsume smiled. “I’m used to feeding the pup here at least once a week.”

Naruto went to get ready leaving Anko and Tsume alone.


“How is she doing really?” Tsume asked after they heard the shower start in Naruto’s room.

“She has moments.” Anko said. Seeing the look on Tsume’s face she corrected her. “Nothing from your brat. Its more the less stress from learning to be a girl when her mind is still locked in the male way.”

Tsume sighed. “When I heard what Kiba did, it took all my control to keep not only myself from doing something I’d regret, but I nearly unleashed the hounds on Kakashi when Kurenai told me how Hatake behaved.”

Anko nodded. “The old man’s made me promise not to do anything about the past, but now…”

“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.” Tsume said with a very feral grin that Anko matched. The message between the two women was clear, no one would harm the blond further.

The two sipped tea, Anko looked at the older woman. “So, you tried to take him in as well?”

“Yes. The damn civilian council blocked all attempts, their excuses were lame, but the judge allowed it.” She sighed. And by the time he entered the academy, he’d been living alone for so long…”

Anko nodded. “I moved her in here for protection. The gaki won’t admit it, but she’s vulnerable, emotionally and physically.”

Tsume growled. “Anyone tries what Kiba did during the exam and there won’t be enough to use a sponge to wipe up. I am serious Anko. I was ready to kill my own son for what he did.”

Anko swallowed. “I’ve heard some of the other kunoichi talking when I’ve been on duty or getting groceries.” She said softly. “Your son might very well need to go abroad to find a wife when he’s older. That’s if the kunoichi leave him with his manhood.”

“I think Naruto solved that.” Tsume admitted. “The doctors managed to save his testicles, but its going to be some time before he’s able to use them.” Tsume chuckled. “She really stomped him good.”

Anko nodded, she’d been there watching as the blond had to be pulled off while kicking Kiba’s balls in for his threatening of rape.

Excusing herself, Anko went to get ready. “I’ve got to see this.” She said and Tsume smiled. “The kennels are eager to see Naruto. He’s (sigh) SHE made friends with all the dogs in the clan. She…she really is a gentle soul. Its one thing I hope that didn’t break in this.”


(Konoha General Hospital)

Hinata enter Kiba’s room. She’d spent the week being verbally lambasted by her father about how weak she was. She looked at her teammate, he’d just been brought back after surgery, and wasn’t awake.

Making her decision, Hinata activated her Byakugan and stepped further into the room, the door closing with a click behind her.
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Chapter 10

They watched as the blond was swarmed by dogs, wagging their tails and barking in greeting to a long time friend.

Anko was amazed, but more so she was happy to see a genuine smile on the blonds face for the first time in the week since she moved in.

Dogs licked and barked and she could swear that Naruto was answering a question as she talked to each dog.

“The gaki does understand them.”

“What?” Anko asked turning to Tsume.

“Naruto. She understands them. Rin’s gift to him…damn it, Her.” Tsume said.

Anko smirked. “Don’t feel bad, I still do it. Hell the brat still calls herself he.”

Tsume watched as the elder dogs calmed the younger one. She looked around. “Where’s Kuromaru?” she asked.


(Konha General Hospital)

Hinata raiser her hand, the strike about to descend.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

She jumped back from Kiba’s bed and looked around not seeing anyone there.

“Down here girl.”

Hinata looked down and under the bed she noticed for the first time a large dog with an eye patch. She recognized the dog as Kiba’s mothers dog Kuromaru.

“I…I…” she tried to say.

“You were going to remove the pups manhood for what he did to Naruto.” Kuromaru said, his head still down on his paws, his eye closed.

“Y-yes.” She admitted lowering her head, her chin resting on her chest.

“You and every female has the same idea. The pup’s mother has first crack, followed by his sister.” The dog said. “Truthfully it will be Naruto that decides his fate.”

Hinata closed her eyes. “So its true. Naruto-kun is female now.”

“Yes. His scent changed and whatever caused it is permanent.” The large dog said. “She will need her friends around her more than ever. Are you her friend Hinata?”

She wasn’t surprised that the dog knew her so well. I want to be more than Naruto-kun’s friend. She thought.

“Y-yes, I want to be there for hi-her.”

Kuromaru gave a chuckle. “Then lets go. Leave the pup alone, he’s in for a rough time ahead.”


(Undisclosed Location)

Sasuke Uchiha was not happy. His sensei after months of giving him all he asked for had stopped and was only working with him on his speed. I need to get stronger, why now has he stopped?

The Said Uchiha gave no thought to his teammates, they were beneath him now and he was close to getting power. the mark on his neck throbbed, but his only response was to grunt and went back to the lame exercise that Hatake had left him with while he vanished. Tch. Probably went to wank off to his porn again. He thought. I will get stronger, and I will kill you brother.


(Inuzuka Compound)

“(laughter) S-S-STOP! (laughter)” Naruto was being slobbered on by several of the dogs.

Tsume clapped her hands and the dogs began to back off, well the older ones did. The younger ones took a nip in the side from the older dogs before complying.

Naruto took a moment to gather herself and wipe off the drool from the dogs. Tsume walked up and handed her a towel.

“They missed you.”

The blond shrugged and wiped herself off. “They’ve all grown so much since the last time I’d seen them.” Naruto said giving some of the more energetic ones a grin.

“Come on. Lets get you to the showroom.” Tsume said steering her towards what looked like a mini-arena.

“A-are you sure…I mean…well, Kiba and…”

“I am the head of this family pup. And Kiba’s on a choke chain for his behavior. As for my deceased husband he too has nothing further to add to this.”

Anko followed not certain what to think of what wasn’t being said.



Sakura Haruno sighed as she walked the streets. She had gone to Anko’s apartment to check on Naruto, but found the pair out. I wonder where they went. Sensei said that today we had off.

Sakura looked around the village and she’d seen some of the others participants. That Suna girl was stalking Ino-pig’s teammate, Shikamaru. And I saw Hinata coming from the hospital with an Inuzuka dog. She must have been seeing that bastard Kiba. She growled remembering what that boy had done during the exam. I mean yeah, she’s his teammate, but I’d rather drive a kunai somewhere right now than be associated with someone like him.

She sighed as she continued to walk. Its been a weird week. Naruto’s now a girl, and I’m confused about that. Sakura hugged herself as she walked. I mean, I treated her badly when she was a boy, but there’s something vulnerable about Naruto now that…

Shaking her head she saw she was outside the flower shop. Might as well visit with Ino-pig. Not like either of us have anything else to do today.

She entered. “Hey, Pig.”


(Inuzuka Compound)

(Show arena)

“Like what you see?” Tsume asked.

For the last half hour many of the dogs put on displays of what they could do, commands they followed and basic just showing off.

Naruto was sitting surrounded by three Inuzuka house dogs. Her hands were petting one of the grey dogs. Blue eyes taking it all in.

“Yes.” The blond said. Anko was just behind her shaking her head. “Pick one. A dog is a dog after all.”

That got her looks from Tsume, Naruto and the gathered dogs. “What?”

“Anko-nee-chan, is that like a snake is a snake?” Naruto finally asked.

“What are you talking about? Each snake is unique and different with…” she calmed and sighed. “Sorry.” She said realizing what she had said.

Naruto looked back at the gathered dogs. “Eurekamaru.” He called.

A slender female dog came forward. She was the size of a fox and her golden colored fur was soft.

“She’s only three.” Tsume warned. “She hasn’t learned to talk like the older ones.”

“That’s okay.” Naruto said. “She’s from Kylala’s litter.”

Tsume sighed. Kylala had been very protective of Naruto, but she was an older dog. She’d passed away one winter. Naruto had been unable to visit due to Tsume’s husband banning him.

My idiot of mate always called Naruto the fox. He never listened to the pack, all the dogs loved the boy, but that baka of a husband didn’t listen. She sighed as Naruto hugged the young dog and smiled. They will be a good match. Kylala’s pups share her disposition and most of them know of Naruto and love him like their alpha.

“Alright you lot. She’s chosen.” Tsume called out. She watched as the dog and Naruto were forming the bond even now, as they stared into one another’s eyes. Eurekamaru leaned in and bit Naruto on the shoulder.

Anko moved as if to intervene, but Tsume blocked her. “No. this needs to be done to form the communication bond. In time they’ll share chakra and they will be empathic with one another.”

Anko watched as Naruto didn’t make a sound and the dog pull back and then lick the wound, even as Naruto’s healing factor healed it, leaving a pale white scar.

That’s never happened. Anko thought recalling the previous attacks that had been healed.

“Now, lets get you a collar and get her checked out. Hana of course will want to prescribe a diet.”

Eurekamaru snorted and Naruto smirked. “Don’t worry Eureka-chan, I’ll make sure big bad Hana-chan don’t stab you with too many needles.”

The golden furred dog huffed and Naruto laughed.

“A matched set.” Anko said. “They both hate shots.” She explained to Tsume’s curious look.

“The pups always hated doctors visits, and Eurekamaru’s been the same when it came time to see the vet.”

Both women laughed as Naruto dragged his companion towards the clinic across the compound, Eurekamaru’s growls getting snickers from all who saw them.


(Hokage’s Office)

“Are you certain?”

“Yes Lord Hokage. Orochimaru’s been reported spying on the Uchiha, and intel shows that he plans to strike during the third exam.”

The Hokage sighed. “I’m getting to old for this.” He muttered. “Get me Jiraiya.”
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Chapter 11


Anko growled and was answered by a returning growl from the newest edition to her apartment.

“Brat, if that dog…”

“Relax nee-chan.” Said blond grinned coming out of the shower. “Eureka-chan is just keeping you honest.”

“I will not sneak around my own apartment just because your dog is a prude.” Anko ranted.

“She just doesn’t think you should walk around naked.” Naruto said.


Naruto shrugged with the towel wrapped around her and went back to her room.

“Why didn’t you use the shower in your room?” Anko called as she came out in a bathrobe which the dog didn’t mind.

“I gave Eureka a bath last night, and I need to clean the drain out later before it can be used again.” Naruto said coming out dressed in a pair of cargo shorts and a crop tank top.

The blond had her long hair in a topknot and was carrying her belt and holsters as well as several rolls of tape and wraps.

“So we’re going to see how my chakra is and how many shadow clones I can make today, right?”

Anko nodded sipping her coffee. “After lunch Jiraiya is supposed to come by and work with you as well. Something the Hokage set up.”

Naruto frowned as she wrapped her lower legs and slipped on the new combat boots.

“What’s wrong?” Anko asked.

“I…I know Jiraiya is a Sannin, but…can’t I work with you and Sakura-chan instead?”

Anko blinked. “Something wrong?”

“N-No…maybe.” Naruto sighed wrapping her other leg. “I just…”

“We’re not abandoning you Naruto.” Anko said tilting the blonds face towards her with a light finger touch under the chin. “But Jiraiya is a master at seals and he taught the Fourth Hokage. You can learn a lot from him.”

Naruto shrugged and sighed.

“Tell you what, pinky and I will be there as well.”

Naruto nodded, then asked. “How is Sakura-chan doing?”

“Well she has such a small chakra reserve we’ve been working on exercises to build that up. I’ve also got her working out and building her stamina and strength.”

Naruto nodded. “She needs it as badly as I needed control exercises before the furball bit it.”

“How’s your taijutsu coming?” Anko asked.

“Now that I don’t have to hide its coming along better.” Naruto admitted. “And with my chakra control nearly perfect now, its amazing how much chakra I don’t waste anymore. I’m even able to do regular Bushin’s. I can’t make less than ten, but its getting better.”

“So, Kurenai’s been helping you a lot then?”

Naruto nodded. “She’s been really patient talking about…things.” Naruto’s blush told the Snake mistress that Naruto was still weirded out about female things.

“Nai-chan is cool about that. I’m glad you have someone more feminine than me to talk to.”

Naruto smiled to his friend and adoptive big sister. Eurekamaru padded into the kitchen and barked. Anko scowled and looked at the dog a moment before there was a knock at the door.

“If your so great, answer it.” She told the dog, that gave her a flat look before heading back to Naruto’s room.

“Damn dog.” Anko muttered as she went to see who was at their door so early in the morning.

Opening it she saw two people she wasn’t expecting.

“Hatake. Uchiha.” She said flatly.


Sakura yawned as she finished getting ready. Talking with Ino yesterday helped a lot. We do need to get Naruto out and about. She really needs to do more than hang out with Anko-sensei and train all the time. Sakura looked at her hair which had been styled after the butchery she’d done to it during the second exam.

Need to get to Anko-sensei’s… Sakura thought seeing the time. Grabbing her weapons pouches and scroll pouch she also remembered her chakra weights and was out the door just as her mother woke for the day.


“What the hell do you want?” Anko asked, blocking the opening with her body, her hand behind the door grabbing the hidden kunai.

“Now Anko, there’s no reason to…” Kakashi began, but her bare footed kick to his masked face sent him flying backwards over the rail to the ground below. Her second kick had the Uchiha doing the exact same thing.

“Get the hell out of here Hatake, you and that shitstain with you aren’t welcome here.” Anko hissed like one of her summoned serpents.

Kakashi groaned as he sat up. “Anko, please wait. I need to ask…”

“Don’t care. You dug your grave go lay in it.” The special Jounin snarled as she sent a volley of kunai at the pair. Kakashi saw the danger and grabbed the stunned Sasuke and shushined them away.

They appeared across the street. “Anko, please I just need…”

“To get the **** away from here and never bother me nor MY student again.” Anko said as she flipped over the rail and landed on the ground, sending more kunai at Kakashi.


Sakura rounded the corner and froze. The street looked like a war zone and she blinked at what she was seeing.

There in the middle of the street in a bathrobe was Anko and trapped in the snake hand jutsu was none other than Kakashi who had snakes wrapped around his face and smoke was clearing from obvious smoke bomb detonations. Sasuke was off to the side dazed.

“S-Sensei?” Sakura said approaching slowly.

“Go to the apartment and wait there for me Sakura.” Anko said in a very cold voice that made Sakura recall her during the start of the second exam, as she never once took her eyes off the trapped Jounin. “Tell Naruto to stay inside as well. I’ll be up once that idiot Anbu gets back with reinforcements.”

Sakura paused and Anko sensed it. “MOVE!” the snake mistress barked and Sakura made an “EEP” sound and rushed up the stairs to the waiting door way and entered and closed it behind her.

She looked and saw Naruto standing by the curtained window, peeking out near the edge.

“Morning Sakura.” The blond greeted. Sakura was about to greet the whisker marked blond when a low deep growl had her turn to see a dog barring its fangs. The gold fur around the neck was on end and the collar had the leaf symbol.

“Eurekamaru, behave.” Naruto said not looking away from the window. “Sakura-chan is my friend and teammate.”

The dog made a huffing sound then stepped forward. Sakura’s eyes widened. “Let her sniff you and get your scent Sakura. Eureka’s a good girl, she’s just looking out for me.” Naruto said and Sakura waited as the dog sniffed her hands and legs.

After what seemed like an eternity, the golden furred dog backed away and hopped on the couch, only to hear “Off the couch Eureka-chan. You can lay on my bed only. Anko-nee-chan’s rules.” Naruto said again without looking.

Sakura watched the dog enter Naruto’s room before moving herself. “Sensei says to stay in here until she comes back.”

Naruto nodded, but didn’t say anything. Sakura felt nervous with the silence so spoke. “So, Kakashi-sen…er, Kakashi and Sasuke-kun showed up, what did they want?”

Naruto shrugged. “Anko-neechan didn’t give Kakashi a chance to speak.” The blond said softly, her blue eyes dulled. “Bastard can’t just leave it alone. I finally have someone teaching me something and he brings the Uchiha to get the attention again.”

Sakura felt for her friend. Over the week she had really thought about the dynamics of Team 7 and without Sasuke around she’d really thought about her ninja career as Anko drilled her into the ground with training to get her up to par.

“Sensei is dealing with it. Now come over to the couch and tell me about the dog and how your day off went.” Sakura said and Naruto finally turned from the window.

“And what’s with the topknot?” Sakura asked.

“Eh?” Naruto looked perplexed and Sakura gestured to the top of her head. “Oh. We’ll it keeps it out of the way. Anko-neechan and Kurenai-sensei said I can’t cut it to what I had when…when…”

When you were a boy. Sakura thought and patted her friends hand. “You have to admit, that style wouldn’t fit you now.” Sakura said.

Naruto nodded. “Tsume…Kiba’s mom who I knew for several years before the academy came and offered me a companion, she figured with the fox gone…” Naruto paused. “I was given a mark by an Inuzuka long ago, it means I’m pack friend in the simplest form…” Naruto sighed and looked up when Eurekamaru put her head in her lap. Naruto smiled as her fingers stroked the dog’s fur.

Sakura knew there was more than that, but could tell that it hurt Naruto to remember past events.

Its like he…(damn it) she doesn’t have happy memories, or if she does they are connected to painful ones. The pink haired girl looked at the blond.

Changing the subject, Sakura asked “So, your training, how is that going?”

Naruto smiled. “Getting used to my real style now that I’m not hiding and I don’t have to worry about the fox. Anko-nee-chan wants to see my chakra control and how many kage bunshins I can…”

They were interrupted by an explosion from the street. Both teens and dog rushed out the door to see Sasuke standing over Anko with a feral grin, her back smoking from the obvious katon attack.

Kakashi was sitting up shaking the cobwebs from his head.

“BASTARDS!” Naruto yelled as he leapt from the balcony and shouted. “MASS SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!!!!!!”

Kakashi winced as it rained over a thousand Naruto’s upon him and Sasuke who was blasted by Naruto with an spinning back kick and sent flying through a vendor cart and into a stand which collapsed atop of him. A melon splitting open upon his head.

Kakashi himself was buried and pummeled, even fighting back, he was overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

“Hey baka-ex-sensei, here’s a farewell present.” Naruto’s voice said and Kakashi wondered what it was when he heard. “KONOHA SECRET TECHNIQUE ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!!!”

Kakashi’s eye widened one second before he was launched into the air where he was nabbed in an Anbu capture net.

Naruto turned to see an Anbu grabbing Sasuke, while a medic nin was tending to Anko.

Sakura looked on from the door of Anko’s apartment with Eurekamaru. Naruto looked up, and Sakura shook her head.

“I think you have no trouble making shadow clones.” Sakura said and the blonds around the street grinned at her and Sakura felt it was endearing.
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Chapter 12

“And you showed up at Anko Mitarashi’s why?” Ibiki asked. He was not impressed with Kakashi’s antics.

“I needed to speak with her about my student.” Kakashi said.

“You had orders to stay away from Anko Mitarashi, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki, direct from the Hokage himself.” Ibiki said.

Kakashi remained quiet as he knew he messed up.

Ibiki looked at Kakashi. “And for what did you deem it necessary to speak with Anko about your student?”

Kakashi looked at the chief interrogator.

“Your not leaving here until you’ve answered the questions to the satisfaction of the Hokage.”

“(sigh) I needed to see Anko about Team 7. I thought that…”


(Training Ground)

Anko winced as the burns across her back pulled as she stretched as she fought the urge to itch. “Alright you two, we’ve had some excitement this morning already, we’re using today to work with Naruto’s chakra, and Hana Inuzuka will be joining us to work on teaching Naruto and the walking carpet several Inuzuka style moves and jutsu’s.”

Sakura looked at the dog that stood next to Naruto. And Akamaru will be bigger than her. She thought looking at the dog that kept her from following Naruto down to the street until the Anbu said it was clear.

“After lunch we’ll be meeting with Jiraiya. The Hokage wants him to work with Naruto on several things. This will be our schedule for the remainder of the month up to the third round of the chuunin exam.”

“Where I face Neji…any suggestions on that?” Naruto asked.

Anko smirked. “Kiddo, by the time you get there you won’t need to worry about the Hyuuga prodigy.”

Eureka barked and butted Naruto’s leg. “Alright Naruto, focus your chakra like we talked about.”

They watched as Naruto focused and soon it became a maelstrom of visible purple chakra.

“Is that supposed to happen?” Sakura asked.

“Yeah. She’s still got a **** load of chakra that would put three Kage’s to shame.” Anko said after a low whistle.

“Okay, now create your clones.”

“I’m not done.” The whisker marked blond said. Getting a blink from Sakura and Anko.

“What do you mean?” Anko asked as the chakra continued to build.

“I feel like I’ve barely tapped any of it.”

Anko pulled out a scanner and clipped it on, the viewer lighting up over her eye as it took her reading. “Holy Kami’s bra and edible panties.” She muttered. “Its still climbing.” Taking the scanner off she looked at Naruto. “Is this more or less than you used against Mizuki?” Anko asked.

“More.” Naruto said and the chakra surged.

“Well…create your clones now. We’ll deal with this next after I see what you’ve got here.”

Naruto nodded, her topknot bouncing, something Sakura thought suited her better than the pigtails she sported before.


Sakura and Anko blinked as over a thousand grinning blonds filled the clearing. Then with another puff, half of them were transformed to match Eurekamaru.

The original barked and the clones copied her.

“Okay…I thought Kiba and Akamaru doing that during the exam was weird.” Sakura said.

“Wait till I show her some of our style.” A voice said and Sakura turned to see Hana walking up with Kuromaru.

“Your early. We just got started.” Anko said.

“Your late.” Hana said.

“Had to deal with an annoying pervert and an emo-shitstain.” Anko said.

“HI HANA-CHAN!” the numerous Naruto’s greeted the Inuzuka. Eureka barked her greeting and the clones mimicked.

“Pups got skills already.” The one eyed dog rumbled. “Not as difficult as originally thought.”

Hana patted her mothers dog on the head. “Well Naruto did work around us for years. She was bound to pick up something.”

Kuromaru nodded and circled around one of the clone dogs. “Impressive, but your scent is still you.”

The original Naruto shrugged. “Haven’t figured out how to mimic that I’m afraid.”

The older dog butted Eureka. “And you pup, need to lay off the soap.”

Sakura would swear the dog blushed.

“That would be my fault.” Naruto admitted dispersing the clones. “We were sparing last night and she kind of built up a stink.”

Hana laughed. “So its true. Your senses have increased.” She walked around Naruto. “Looking good whiskers. Love the topknot, so…”

“Don’t say it.” Naruto growled.

“Even her growl is cute.” Hana said to Kuromaru who huffed. “Flirt later. Work to do we have.”

Sakura wasn’t sure why her gut clenched at the word flirt, but the idea of Naruto with Hana seemed to bother her.

Hana put an arm around Naruto’s slender shoulders. “First thing we’ll need to do is see if your hand commands are still up to snuff.”


(Hokage Tower)

“He wants to put Team 7 back together.” Ibiki said to the Hokage, delivering his report.

“So he starts a fight in the middle of the street…”

“Technically it was Anko who started it.” Ibiki corrected. “But Kakashi did ignore your orders about making contact with the other members and Anko.”

Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed. “And what of Sasuke’s condition?”

“The blond cracked several of his ribs with one kick. Also the seal that Hatake put on the Uchiha is weakened, the boy is not showing any attempts to resist it.”

A sigh escaped the Hokage. “Recommendations?”

“Pull Hatake from active duty to undergo full evaluation of medical and mental capabilities. Lock the Uchiha up with suppressor seals until a real seal master can be found to deal with as Anko calls it, Orochimaru’s Hickey.”

Sarutobi sighed. “I would like to, but we need Orochimaru to think his plans are still active.” He sighed. “Release them, but keep two squads around them at all times. After the finals, we’ll deal with it properly.”

Ibiki crossed his arms. “I think this is a mistake sir. The Uchiha was mentally unstable to begin with. And Hatake is following orders outside the chain of command.”

Hiruzen sighed. “The council.”

“Yes sir. This is all bunching up. I implore you sir…”

“We’ll stick with the plan.” He told the chief of interrogation. “However…” his eyes looked out the window. “I want you to speak with Anko.”


(Training Ground)

“FASTER!” Hana barked as Eureka and Naruto attacked. “TOO SLOW!” she said as the Haimaru trio attacked and countered the pairs moves.

“I’m trying.” Naruto panted.

Sakura was with Anko learning several earth style jutsu. “Sensei?”

“What?” Anko asked.

“Aren’t you pushing to hard, with Naruto I mean?” the rosette haired girl asked.

Anko snorted. “Trust me girlie, this is nothing. Naruto’s a stamina freak. As a boy or as a girl that fact remains. Add in her large chakra pool and this is light training.”

Sakura even now realized how much of a gap there was between her and the so called “dead last” of the academy. “She hid so much.” Sakura said.

“Yeah. But now like a rare flower she’s coming into bloom. I’ll say this pinky, she’ll knock their socks off. And so will you.” Anko said.

“Me?” Sakura asked surprised.

“Yeah. You don’t see it, but in the short time we’ve started training, you’ve improved physically and overall.”

Sakura’s thoughts were interrupted by an explosion and they both turned to see Naruto standing hands on knees and Eureka standing over the Haimaru trio with Hana looking shocked.

“That’s not possible!” the Inuzuka said looking at Kuromaru who had his head cocked to the side. “Apparently it is.” The dog said.

“You mean you can use elemental jutsu’s too?” Hana asked.

“Me? No.” Kuromaru said. “I can use the jutsu’s of the pack, but it seems the pups here have changed the game to a whole new level.”

Naruto patted Eureka’s head. “Heh, we’re great, Believe it!”

Anko shook her head. “Just when we think we know everything the gaki can do, she ups and changes all the questions.”

“I…I need to talk with my mother…I’ll be back later to continue.”

“We need to find a certain Sannin.” Anko said.

Kuromaru snorted. “Try the hot springs.” The larger dog said, Also work on the pups water walking while there.”

Anko nodded to the dog, making it a note of things to do.

“Come on brats. Its time to educate you on the ways of water walking.” Anko said after Hana and the other dogs left.

How much more can she improve? I mean channeling a katon jutsu through her dog…what next? Anko thought as they headed for the hot springs and a meeting with a certain perverted Sannin.
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Chapter 12

“And you showed up at Anko Mitarashi’s why?” Ibiki asked. He was not impressed with Kakashi’s antics.

“I needed to speak with her about my student.” Kakashi said.

“You had orders to stay away from Anko Mitarashi, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki, direct from the Hokage himself.” Ibiki said.

Kakashi remained quiet as he knew he messed up.

Ibiki looked at Kakashi. “And for what did you deem it necessary to speak with Anko about your student?”

Kakashi looked at the chief interrogator.

“Your not leaving here until you’ve answered the questions to the satisfaction of the Hokage.”

“(sigh) I needed to see Anko about Team 7. I thought that…”


(Training Ground)

Anko winced as the burns across her back pulled as she stretched as she fought the urge to itch. “Alright you two, we’ve had some excitement this morning already, we’re using today to work with Naruto’s chakra, and Hana Inuzuka will be joining us to work on teaching Naruto and the walking carpet several Inuzuka style moves and jutsu’s.”

Sakura looked at the dog that stood next to Naruto. And Akamaru will be bigger than her. She thought looking at the dog that kept her from following Naruto down to the street until the Anbu said it was clear.

“After lunch we’ll be meeting with Jiraiya. The Hokage wants him to work with Naruto on several things. This will be our schedule for the remainder of the month up to the third round of the chuunin exam.”

“Where I face Neji…any suggestions on that?” Naruto asked.

Anko smirked. “Kiddo, by the time you get there you won’t need to worry about the Hyuuga prodigy.”

Eureka barked and butted Naruto’s leg. “Alright Naruto, focus your chakra like we talked about.”

They watched as Naruto focused and soon it became a maelstrom of visible purple chakra.

“Is that supposed to happen?” Sakura asked.

“Yeah. She’s still got a **** load of chakra that would put three Kage’s to shame.” Anko said after a low whistle.

“Okay, now create your clones.”

“I’m not done.” The whisker marked blond said. Getting a blink from Sakura and Anko.

“What do you mean?” Anko asked as the chakra continued to build.

“I feel like I’ve barely tapped any of it.”

Anko pulled out a scanner and clipped it on, the viewer lighting up over her eye as it took her reading. “Holy Kami’s bra and edible panties.” She muttered. “Its still climbing.” Taking the scanner off she looked at Naruto. “Is this more or less than you used against Mizuki?” Anko asked.

“More.” Naruto said and the chakra surged.

“Well…create your clones now. We’ll deal with this next after I see what you’ve got here.”

Naruto nodded, her topknot bouncing, something Sakura thought suited her better than the pigtails she sported before.


Sakura and Anko blinked as over a thousand grinning blonds filled the clearing. Then with another puff, half of them were transformed to match Eurekamaru.

The original barked and the clones copied her.

“Okay…I thought Kiba and Akamaru doing that during the exam was weird.” Sakura said.

“Wait till I show her some of our style.” A voice said and Sakura turned to see Hana walking up with Kuromaru.

“Your early. We just got started.” Anko said.

“Your late.” Hana said.

“Had to deal with an annoying pervert and an emo-shitstain.” Anko said.

“HI HANA-CHAN!” the numerous Naruto’s greeted the Inuzuka. Eureka barked her greeting and the clones mimicked.

“Pups got skills already.” The one eyed dog rumbled. “Not as difficult as originally thought.”

Hana patted her mothers dog on the head. “Well Naruto did work around us for years. She was bound to pick up something.”

Kuromaru nodded and circled around one of the clone dogs. “Impressive, but your scent is still you.”

The original Naruto shrugged. “Haven’t figured out how to mimic that I’m afraid.”

The older dog butted Eureka. “And you pup, need to lay off the soap.”

Sakura would swear the dog blushed.

“That would be my fault.” Naruto admitted dispersing the clones. “We were sparing last night and she kind of built up a stink.”

Hana laughed. “So its true. Your senses have increased.” She walked around Naruto. “Looking good whiskers. Love the topknot, so…”

“Don’t say it.” Naruto growled.

“Even her growl is cute.” Hana said to Kuromaru who huffed. “Flirt later. Work to do we have.”

Sakura wasn’t sure why her gut clenched at the word flirt, but the idea of Naruto with Hana seemed to bother her.

Hana put an arm around Naruto’s slender shoulders. “First thing we’ll need to do is see if your hand commands are still up to snuff.”


(Hokage Tower)

“He wants to put Team 7 back together.” Ibiki said to the Hokage, delivering his report.

“So he starts a fight in the middle of the street…”

“Technically it was Anko who started it.” Ibiki corrected. “But Kakashi did ignore your orders about making contact with the other members and Anko.”

Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed. “And what of Sasuke’s condition?”

“The blond cracked several of his ribs with one kick. Also the seal that Hatake put on the Uchiha is weakened, the boy is not showing any attempts to resist it.”

A sigh escaped the Hokage. “Recommendations?”

“Pull Hatake from active duty to undergo full evaluation of medical and mental capabilities. Lock the Uchiha up with suppressor seals until a real seal master can be found to deal with as Anko calls it, Orochimaru’s Hickey.”

Sarutobi sighed. “I would like to, but we need Orochimaru to think his plans are still active.” He sighed. “Release them, but keep two squads around them at all times. After the finals, we’ll deal with it properly.”

Ibiki crossed his arms. “I think this is a mistake sir. The Uchiha was mentally unstable to begin with. And Hatake is following orders outside the chain of command.”

Hiruzen sighed. “The council.”

“Yes sir. This is all bunching up. I implore you sir…”

“We’ll stick with the plan.” He told the chief of interrogation. “However…” his eyes looked out the window. “I want you to speak with Anko.”


(Training Ground)

“FASTER!” Hana barked as Eureka and Naruto attacked. “TOO SLOW!” she said as the Haimaru trio attacked and countered the pairs moves.

“I’m trying.” Naruto panted.

Sakura was with Anko learning several earth style jutsu. “Sensei?”

“What?” Anko asked.

“Aren’t you pushing to hard, with Naruto I mean?” the rosette haired girl asked.

Anko snorted. “Trust me girlie, this is nothing. Naruto’s a stamina freak. As a boy or as a girl that fact remains. Add in her large chakra pool and this is light training.”

Sakura even now realized how much of a gap there was between her and the so called “dead last” of the academy. “She hid so much.” Sakura said.

“Yeah. But now like a rare flower she’s coming into bloom. I’ll say this pinky, she’ll knock their socks off. And so will you.” Anko said.

“Me?” Sakura asked surprised.

“Yeah. You don’t see it, but in the short time we’ve started training, you’ve improved physically and overall.”

Sakura’s thoughts were interrupted by an explosion and they both turned to see Naruto standing hands on knees and Eureka standing over the Haimaru trio with Hana looking shocked.

“That’s not possible!” the Inuzuka said looking at Kuromaru who had his head cocked to the side. “Apparently it is.” The dog said.

“You mean you can use elemental jutsu’s too?” Hana asked.

“Me? No.” Kuromaru said. “I can use the jutsu’s of the pack, but it seems the pups here have changed the game to a whole new level.”

Naruto patted Eureka’s head. “Heh, we’re great, Believe it!”

Anko shook her head. “Just when we think we know everything the gaki can do, she ups and changes all the questions.”

“I…I need to talk with my mother…I’ll be back later to continue.”

“We need to find a certain Sannin.” Anko said.

Kuromaru snorted. “Try the hot springs.” The larger dog said, Also work on the pups water walking while there.”

Anko nodded to the dog, making it a note of things to do.

“Come on brats. Its time to educate you on the ways of water walking.” Anko said after Hana and the other dogs left.

How much more can she improve? I mean channeling a katon jutsu through her dog…what next? Anko thought as they headed for the hot springs and a meeting with a certain perverted Sannin.
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Chapter 13

(Konoha Hot Springs)

Sakura watched as Naruto entered a changing stall in the girls changing room. The blond while female was mentally still male and once she changed and came out, she made a beeline for the door, not once looking around.

Anko laughed as the blond stood uncomfortable in her new two piece orange and black bathing suit. Sakura in her modest one piece deep red felt inadequate next to the blond and her larger bust.

“The reason I had you both change is because you will fall in. better to do this now, and the hot water is a great motivator for not failing.”

“Your sadistic nee-chan.” Naruto grumbled her arms crossed.

“And thank you Naru-chan for volunteering to be the first one on the water.” Anko smirked. “It is similar to the tree climbing, but you need to balance the chakra differently as water is an ever changing surface.”

Anko walked out onto the steaming hot water and crossed her arms. “And to motivate you both into learning this, once you reach me, I will give you each a water jutsu.” The Jonin said with a grin.

Eurekamaru barked.

“No lip from you.” Anko said to the dog. “If I could, you’d be out here with them, but this is a public building, so guard the towels.”

Eureka made a chuckling huff and Sakura formed her chakra like Anko showed them and took a step out after Naruto.

She had both feet atop the water when there was a flux in her chakra and she sank like a stone.

Naruto hadn’t faired much better, both came up sputtering at how hot the water was. Anko let out a long suffering sigh.

“Well, I figured you wouldn’t get it on the first try.” She waited as they got back out and tried again.

Both girls fell in with yelps and Anko sighed again. This is going to be a long afternoon. Where the hell is Jiraiya?


The day wore on and Sakura and Naruto both got better and made it to Anko. She smiled and saw that Sakura was wiped and helped the rosette haired girl back to dry land.

She turned and shook her head as Naruto was not only walking, but the blond was jumping and dancing about proud of her accomplishment.

“Come on you stamina freak. We’ll rest up and then I’ll show you that water jutsu I promised.”

“YES!” the blond leapt in the air pumping her fist. Anko shook her head as the blonds chest bounced. It was then that she heard the giggle.

A very perverted giggle. She growled as her eyes went to the separating wall between the men’s and women’s hot springs.

Anko leapt over and came down on the men’s side seeing the person they’d been waiting for. However, a vein above her eye began to twitch watching him watch the blond she considered a sibling.

“PERVERT!” she roared and Jiraiya managed to turn just in time to get drilled by one of Anko’s personally designed jutsu.


the snake hand jutsu spat out of her sleeves and the snakes began spinning like drills, all aimed at the white haired sannin with the intent to punish him for his perverted ways of peeping on the blond that Anko now thought of as her little sister.

“AGGGHHHHH! NOOOOOOO!” Jiraiya hadn’t had a chance to evade as Anko had caught him unaware.


“NOT THERE! FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI, NOT THERE!” Jiraiya whimpered as the abuse continued.

Back on the women’s side Sakura and Naruto were listening. The rosette looked at her teammate. “You think she’ll leave him alive?”

“Anko-nee-chan better. I need the pervert to train me.” Naruto said.

It became silent and Anko reappeared near them. “Go dry off and get dressed. We’re going to eat and Jiraiya-san is buying.” She looked over her shoulder at the wall. “Aren’t you?”

A low moan was the answer.


After the expensive lunch, the trio of kunoichi and the Toad Sannin were at training ground six. Anko over lunch had given both Sakura and Naruto scrolls with the water jutsu’s and said to read it over and they would work them into the regimen later.

Now as Naruto stood with the Sannin, Sakura kept watching as the toad sage had Naruto doing several chakra exercises interspaced with taijutsu spars.

“Why are they doing that sensei?” Sakura’s curiosity got the best of her and she finally asked.

“The pervert wants to see how different Naruto’s control is as she gets tired. The gaki’s never really gone all out, and now with the fox gone her control is a hundred times better, and with her nearly limitless chakra reserves…” Anko shrugged as she watched the blond flip to her hands and doing a handstand began to spin, kicking at the Sannin who was forced back. Anko noticed it right away, even as the blond finished the spin and flipped into a lunging punch.

“Very good.”

“What?” Sakura asked stopping her own katas.

“The brats learned to pump chakra into her limbs attacking. I should have thought of teaching you both that. Here, this is what you do.”

Anko showed Sakura how and the pair spared, Sakura learning the Snake style, but it was slow going as Sakura was fighting to forget the academy style that everyone knew.

The sun was setting when Jiraiya was with Naruto.

“Okay brat, here’s something for you to spend some time learning.” Jiraiya said. “It’s a jutsu to make your hair longer, diamond hard and very dangerous.”

Jiraiya showed her the signs and gave her a scroll. “I’ll meet you here at this training ground in the morning, and we’ll start working on it.”

Jiraiya looked where Sakura was nearly asleep against the tree after her spar with Anko, the pink haired girl was coming along. She was already different than when he met her with Naruto a week ago.

This is the difference. Jiraiya thought. Sensei, I hope you see this, because in a week, Anko’s fixed a lot of the damage Kakashi’s done.

“You finished pervert?” Anko asked.

“Don’t call me that. And for today, yes. I gave her a scroll to study tonight for when we meet here tomorrow.”

“Be on time.” Anko warned.

Jiraiya nodded and left via a leaf shushin.

Naruto groaned as she sat down next to Sakura. “What a day, hey Sakura?”

The pink haired girl nodded her head, exhausted.

“But…” Naruto said and looked to the darkening sky. “It is a good day.”

Sakura through tired eyes watched the blond watching the sky while scratching her dog’s head behind the ears as it rested on the blonds lap.

What a difference a week makes. Sakura thought.

“Hey, brats.”

They both looked at Anko who had a pigeon on her shoulder. “I’ve got to go to a meeting. I might be late.”

Naruto nodded.

They watched Anko leave and Naruto sighed.

“Hey, Naruto.” Sakura said.


“Want to come with me to Ino’s?” the pinkette asked. “She’s been asking me about you all week.”

“I should get home.” Naruto said petting Eureka’s head, the dog letting out a soft sound of pleasure.

“Come on. All you’ve been doing is working, training and hanging around Anko-sensei. This is a chance for you to hang out with girls your own age, and I did promise to help you with that.”

Naruto sighed. “Fine.” She finally said. “But only for a little while. I have that scroll pervy sage gave me to read, and I wanted to look at the one Anko-nee-chan gave me after the water walking exercise.”

“Later.” Sakura said standing up and wincing. “Come on.”

Naruto stood and Eureka made a sound of displeasure at loosing the attention but rose as well and soon the three were walking through town toward the Yamanaka Flower shop.


(Konoha General Hospital)

Tsume who was visiting her son listened to the report her eldest child was giving her.

“She channeled a fire jutsu through her dog?”

“Yeah. She looked a bit wiped after, but recovered quickly.” Hana said.

“Wait, Naruto’s got a partner now?” Kiba asked from his hospital bed. He’d been unaware of the numerous females that had come close to finishing what Naruto started, and was now awake after his surgery.

“Yes pup. Naruto is pack friend and sister.” Tsume said. She looked at her son. “Don’t think your off the hook for that stunt you pulled during the preliminaries. Akamaru has been through hell in the kennel for attacking a pack friend.”

Kiba looked at his mother. “You keep calling the dobe that…”

“Listen here pup and listen well. Naruto was marked by your Aunt Rin. Do you remember how often Naruto spent around the compound when she was younger…”

“And male.” Hana threw in.

Tsume shot her a look and she quieted down. “Your father was a fool, and I’m seeing your taking after him in decision making.”

Tsume sighed. “Now, on another topic. The doctors say you will be recovering over the next few months. Naruto did a lot of damage pup.”

Kiba let out a growl only to get flicked hard on the nose. “None of that. You will be making a public apology to Naruto for your actions. I’m still undecided on if I should give you to her as a vassal.”

Kiba’s eyes widened. “As it is, the dogs have decided until you learn to control your instincts better, Akamaru’s bond with you is revoked. He will be retrained by the pack, and has his own apology to make for his actions.”

Kiba looked like he wanted to protest.

“Quiet runt.” Hana said. “You don’t know half the **** Naruto’s been through in his and her life. You would have caved in long ago.”

Hana looked at her mother. “I’ve got some work to do at the clinic, tomorrow I’m teaching Naruto and Eureka a couple of our offensive jutsu’s. she’s picking them up like a sponge.”

“Why? Why are you teaching her our families style and private jutsu’s?” Kiba asked looking from his mother to his sister. “I don’t understand.”

“To make amends…to family and friends long gone.” Tsume said, her eye went to the window and the hokage monument.

“Get better brat.” Hana said before leaving her brother and now quiet mother alone in the hospital room.




“Kakashi Hatake is currently detained by Morino for interrogation.”

“And Sasuke?”

“He’s in a cell as well, several wounds.”

“Who did it?”

“The reports indicate it was the Kyuubi container.”

“Hm. Get me what you can about the brat. I need to think about this for a while.”

“As you command Lord Orochimaru.”
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Chapter 14

(Yamanaka Residence)

“Forehead! Whiskers!” Ino greeted them after opening the door.

“Pig.” Sakura said.

“Ino-chan.” Naruto greeted.

“Come in.” Ino said and smiled at Naruto. “Looking good.” She said to the other blond.

Naruto shrugged, Eurekamaru following her partner and gave a bark in greeting.

“What’s with the dog?” Ino asked.

“That’s Eureka, Naruto’s companion.” Sakura said.

”Looks like an Inuzuka dog.” Ino said.

“She is.” Naruto said sitting down, the dog at her side where Naruto rubbed the dog’s neck. “Tsume and Hana thought it best.” She said.

“So, what brings you here?” she asked looking at Sakura.

“Well, its time to get Naruto out and interacting with other girls. She’s been doing nothing but constant training since the end of the exam.”

“Oh we can’t have that, and I did say we would fix your hair.” Ino said an leapt up. “Forehead come with me. We need to get everything. Stay there whiskers.” Ino said as she dragged Sakura out of the room, ignoring the other girls protest.

Naruto looked at Eureka who looked back. “Don’t look at me Eureka-chan, I’m still thinking like a boy, I don’t understand girls even now.”

The dog gave a low sigh and curled up next to the chair.


Naruto winced and whined as she was covered with a facial mask of goop and Ino was putting something on her legs.

“What is the point of this again?” the whisker marked blond asked after being stripped down and sitting in the spa in the backyard wearing nothing but a towel.

“To make you look good to catch the eyes of the boys of course.” Ino said and Naruto tensed.

“Wasted time then.” Naruto said.

“What do you mean?” Ino asked. “I’d kill to have a body like this. Your boobs and legs are killer and your hair is as soft as fur.”

Naruto looked at Sakura who was wearing her own goop mask and had cucumbers over her eyes. “Just go along with it Naruto.” She said without looking as she reclined in a chair.

From her position, Naruto’s blue eyes traveled up Sakura’s legs and she turned away as they started up the towel. Months ago Naruto as a boy would have killed to be anywhere near Sakura in any shape or form. But since becoming a girl, Naruto was more confused. She knew she still liked Sakura that way, but her hormones were driving her up the wall. She’d talked it over with Kurenai several times already at night, and the red eyed Jonin smiled and said there was nothing wrong with women dating other women.

“Between your natural complexion and tanned skin, I am jealous.” Ino continued unaware of Naruto’s traveling eyes.

Naruto shrugged. “I still think I could be using this time to train.”

“You need this Naruto.” Sakura said.

“After this we’ll get dressed up and go to that club that opened in the East District, its called Enchanted.” Ino said as she finished putting the paste on Naruto’s legs and put several strips lengthways.

“What does this do anyways?” the blond asked.

Ino smirked. “Relax, you’re in for a real treat.”

Sakura behind her mask winced mentally. “Ino…” she tried to warn the girl.
But she was too late as Ino with an impish grin grabbed the edge of a strip and pulled it fast.

Naruto’s scream rang across Konoha.


After the waxing and facial Naruto was in the hot spring glaring at Ino.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Ino chided. “It makes your legs look good and no razor marks.”

“I didn’t have razor marks before.” Naruto growled.

“Give it up. Now your legs are silky smooth and once we get you in a proper dress, you’ll be knocking the boys dead.” Ino said, not listening and not hearing Naruto’s “I don’t like boys damnit.”

Sakura looked at her childhood friend after hearing Naruto’s remark, but said nothing knowing Ino was in her own world right now.

“With your coloring, I’d say a dark blue…”

“With orange.” Naruto said and Sakura couldn’t help but laugh, that no matter what, Naruto was still Naruto.

“A bit, not a lot.” Ino said as if picturing the combination. “I think I have just the dress, you’ll have to go braless as it isn’t designed for one.” Ino smiled. “But with your boobs, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Ino muttered as she sat in the hot water and allowed it to soak into her muscles.

Naruto closed her eyes and leaned her head back, covering her face with a rag.

Sakura had her eyes on the blond wondering what she was thinking.

Ino meanwhile was grinning internally about the three hottest Genin Kunoichi were about to hit the dance clubs.


Sakura had shown Ino where Naruto lived and went home to get ready. Ino had a pair of dresses in garment bags and shoved the blond in the door and told her “Strip, and don’t touch your hair, I’ll style it.” Ino ordered the blond.

“Ack! Ino-chan!” Naruto said in protest.

“Come on, its not like you’ve got nothing I don’t have!” Ino said as Naruto tried to fend off the girls hands.

Eureka made a sound and went to lay on the floor in the living room while the two blonds fought with one another, one trying to keep her clothes, the other determined to get her out of them.

Fate has a way of sticking its nose in, and Naruto froze seeing Anko standing in her door arms crossed.

“Keep it down. I don’t want to know if you’re a screamer. And close your door, I don’t want to see you and your girlfriend going at it.” Anko said and walked towards the kitchen leaving a blushing Ino and Naruto in mid-tussle.

Ino seeing an opportunity pulled Naruto’s shirt over her head.


Ino laughed and went for the pants next.

Naruto was fighting to stay dressed, at the same time avoid hurting Ino.

“You’re enjoying this.”

Ino smirked. “You’re worse than forehead. Now stop fighting me, and get out of these clothes and into the dress I brought.”

“I changed my mind, I don’t want to go.” Naruto said and valiantly tried to keep her pants.

Ino stopped and stepped back. Naruto thought she’d given up for a moment, then heard the sniffle.


Another sniffle. “I just want you to have a good time. I mean, being changed so drastically…(sniffle).”

She looked at him with tear filled eyes. “Ino-chan. I’ll go.” The whisker marked blond said.

She made the mistake of taking her eyes off Ino, and missed the devil may cry grin as Ino tackled her to the bed.


The door opened and Anko came in. “I said keep it down!” she blinked seeing Ino straddling Naruto, and Naruto was wearing only her pants and bra.

“Moving quick brat?” Anko said with a leer. “I’m so proud.” She sniffled and wiped a fake tear. “It wasn’t until I made Chunin that I slept with a woman the first time.”

Before Ino or Naruto could move, Anko pulled out a camera and took a picture.

She left laughing. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Inoichi gets a copy.” Anko said as she sashayed away.

Naruto blinked and then “ANKO-NEE-CHAN!!!!”

Ino looked down and realized her position and the fact that Anko took a picture, she knew she was blushing beet red and that she would not hear the end of it.

Leaping to her feet she gestured to the garment bag and tossed it at her.

“Change into that, and remember no bra.”

Ino grabbed the other bag and fled the room, the bathroom door slammed shut and Naruto was left wondering what had happened and why did it always seem to happen around him (her).


(Dango Stand)

Anko was smirking like the proverbial cat that ate the canary and got the saucer of cream as she waited for her order. The jug of sake had yet to be opened.

Her grin got bigger as Kurenai entered along with Asuma.

“She’s grinning like one of the loons in the asylum.” Asuma sat down an unlit cigarette in his mouth. Kurenai sat next to Anko. “What’s got you so proud…wait, is Naruto still living with you? What did you do to her?” the red eyed Jonin asked suspiciously.

Anko laughed. “I’d be more concerned what that little blond on Asuma’s team is doing to her.”

Asuma looked up. “Little blond on…Ino?”

Anko laughed. “I left them, she was atop of Naruto taking her clothes off.”

“No, Ino wouldn’t do…” Asuma said shaking his head.

Anko passed him her digital camera and smirked as the cigarette fell from his mouth seconds before the nosebleed rocketed him out of his seat.

Anko grabbed the camera and smirked. “Pervert.”

She then looked at Kurenai who was looking at the camera with a raised eyebrow.

“You know, Naruto will get even with you for taking this.” The red eyed Jonin said.

“Feh. Right now my little nee-chan has her hands full.”

Kurenai shook her head. “Your proud.”

“Hell yeah. I mean, she’s a bit young, but at that age, experimentation is key.” Anko said.

Kurenai shook her head and watched Asuma sitting up. “Don’t be surprised when Naruto does get even. And you…” she said looking at the bearded Jonin. “They’re sixteen.”

Asuma stuttered and looked away.

“So, what were they actually doing?” Kurenai asked.

“How do you know I didn’t interrupt them?” Anko asked, but Kurenai gave her a look.

“Fine. Ino’s trying to get Naruto to go out to a dance club, and that means a dress. They’re to meet up with Sakura, guess it’s a girls night.” Anko said relaying what she’d overheard.

Kurenai got a thoughtful look. “Feel like dancing?”

Anko got a grin. “Let’s go.”

Asuma watched the two women link arms and saunter away. He shook his head not understanding what just happened. He turned and the shop owner presented him with Anko’s bill.

With a resigned sigh, he paid it and picked up the sake jug. “In the words of Shikamaru, women are troublesome.”
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Chapter 15


“How are we getting in?” Naruto asked. “The line goes all the way around the block.”

Ino waved it off. “Don’t worry.” She said taking Naruto’s arm and grabbing Sakura’s, linking the three of them together.

The doorman smirked and opened the red velvet rope letting them in. “Places like this love the beautiful ladies. “ Ino said and got them through the door and smirked at some of the catcalls and whistles.

She smirked seeing not only Naruto’s look but Sakura’s as well as they looked at the packed club. The dance floor was filled with bodies with no space between many of them, all gyrating to the music from the DJ.

“A whole new world.” Ino said with a grin. “Come on, lets find a table and get our drinks.”

she led them through the crowds and they actually found a small table with three stools. Ino smirked as she hopped up.

No sooner than that happened, but a man appeared. “What would you ladies like he asked, yelling to be heard over the music.

Ino ordered a fruit drink mixed with soda. Sakura ordered a cherry coke and Naruto looked at them blankly. “Make that two fruit buzzes.” Ino said with a grin. The waiter vanished as if he’d shushined.

“Ino…” Sakura began.

“Relax forehead. There’s barely any alcohol in them. And whiskers here needs to loosen up.” She nodded with her chin over Sakura’s shoulder. “And the entertainment is lining up.”

Sakura knew better, but looked and saw several guys of various ages eyeing them up like slabs of meat.

Naruto wasn’t paying attention, her eyes were on the dance floor as she watched a couple dance very close.

“That’s not dancing.” She muttered.

“What?” Ino asked and looked and grinned. “Your right Naru-chan, that’s sex with clothes on.”

Sakura shook her head. “Party girl.”

“Bookworm.” Ino fired back.

Naruto shook her head wishing she could slip away, but Sakura had a death grip on her forearm and it looked like she was trapped.

The waiter brought their drinks and Ino paid. “Give it a try.” She said pushing the fruit drink at the other blond.

Naruto looked at Sakura who shrugged. Taking a sip, Naruto admitted “Not bad.”

“Not bad?” Ino said with disbelief. “I swear, you’ve been around forehead here too long.”

“What’s wrong with Sakura-chan?” Naruto asked. Ino blinked and shook her head. The pair at the table with her heard her muttering, “She was a boy recently, give her time.” Over and over again.

Ino perked up. “Let’s dance.”

“What about…” Naruto tried to ask, but the other blond didn’t give her a chance and dragged her onto the dance floor leaving Sakura to watch the table.

Said young woman watched as Ino stood behind Naruto and was in the process of teaching her how to dance with the music. Her green eyes narrowing as she saw where Ino had her hands on the other blonds hips.

Sakura squeezed the glass in her hand unaware it was cracking. When she felt the liquid seep out she looked at in surprise and wondered how it happened.


Not too far away, with a private table, Kurenai and Anko were smirking. “OOOOH. A ménage a…”

“Don’t say it.” Kurenai said cutting off whatever Anko was going to say.

“Look at Pinky. She’s damn near glowing in jealousy and she doesn’t even realize it.” Anko said.

Kurenai shook her head and sipped her drink, her red eyes on the blonds on the dance floor. “Is it me, or is Ino enjoying herself way too much with Naruto?”

Anko looked and saw how the pair of blondes were bumping and grinding with the music, their bodies showing very little space. Anko swallowed as she saw several of the males around the pair take notice.

Her growl warned Kurenai. “They can’t look at my little sister like that.” The Snake mistress hissed.

“Relax.” Kurenai said.

They watched as Naruto turned away from a guy who tried to get close to join the dance, and as the blond turned the guy said something and both Jonin watched as in the turn away, Naruto’s elbow caught him in the throat.

Anko laughed.

“See, she’s not helpless.” Kurenai said.

“I know…but this is all still new for her.” Anko said protectively, her eyes watching as the blond she considered her sister danced several more songs with the Yamanaka girl, each one getting more suggestive.

“Damn.” Anko said waving her hand to cool off. “If that wasn’t Naruto and a couple years older…”

Kurenai shook her head. “That’s sex with clothes on.”

Anko laughed. “Told you the Yamanaka girl was dangerous.”

They watched as the pair returned to Sakura who didn’t look happy. “Uh-oh.”


“Relax forehead. Its just dancing.” Ino said.


“Then why don’t you show her how to dance if you don’t like my way.” Ino said.

Naruto blinked as the two had started to fight the moment they returned to the table.


“MAYBE I WILL!” Sakura snarled.

Naruto found herself dragged back onto the dance floor, her drink spinning in the air.

Ino caught it and smirked. “Score one for Ino.” She said sipping her drink, her eyes searching for someone to dance with.

She blinked as a slow song came on and watched as Sakura danced a song meant for couples song with the blond.

“Damn…that looks hot.” Ino muttered feeling a clench as she watched the pair dance. “What am I doing?” she muttered and noticed many guys watching the pair. “And why am I feeling jealous?”


“You look nice Sakura-chan.” Naruto said lowly as she concentrated on dancing, missing the slight blush her partner developed with the compliment.

“Um…you do too Naruto.” She said, her arms atop the blonds shoulders and looped behind her head.

Sakura was wearing a soft pink dress with a green top. “Ino made you look amazing.” She said.

“Ino got me in trouble with Anko.” Naruto grumbled. Seeing Sakura’s look she explained what had happened.

Sakura laughed.

“Gee, thanks for understanding.” Naruto muttered.

“It is funny if you think about it.” Sakura said.

“Yeah, well…what would say if it had been you?” Naruto asked.

Sakura blushed. “I…”

“Excuse me, mind if I cut in?”

Sakura glared at the young man standing there. “Yeah, we do mind.” She snapped. “Go away.”

“Bitch.” The man said and wandered off.


The pink haired girl looked at the blond she was dancing with.

“Naruto, shut up until I’m done.” She said. She looked at her with the same trusting eyes she had when she was male and Sakura felt her stomach flip flop knowing that what she’d been thinking about since the change was developing more and more in her mind.

“Ever since you changed…” Sakura began, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Not only about you and your change, but the kind of person I was. And as I helped you…” Sakura looked away.

“What is it Sakura.” Naruto said softly.

“As I helped you, I felt myself feeling strange. Thoughts, feelings.” Sakura sighed. “I found myself thinking about you more and more and at first I wasn’t sure what it was. Then as I watched you dancing with Ino…”

She sighed and closed her eyes.

“You don’t have to say anything you don’t want to Sakura.” Naruto said. “This was so much easier when I was deluding myself and making an idiot out of myself chasing Sasuke.” Sakura said lowly. She felt the blond stiffen.

“Wait. I’m not doing this right.”

“Naruto…what I’m trying to say is…that over the past week, I’ve…I…”


Sakura clenched her eyes and the pair turned to see Kurenai and Anko dancing. “Swap.” Anko said and spun Kurenai into Naruto’s arms and dragged Sakura away to dance.

“Hey!” the rosette haired girl protested.

“Stow it.” Anko said. “I don’t care whatever it is, its not a good time.”

“What do you mean?” Sakura asked.

“I mean that blond is not ready to hear whatever you were confessing. She’s still reeling from being changed. Your feelings whatever they are, will confuse you. Be her friend for now.”


“Add a few more letters and you’ll have words.” Anko said as she spun Sakura around the dance floor. She saw Kurenai was talking with Naruto and the blond laughed.

“If your confused, think about how Naruto is feeling.” Anko said.

Sakura sighed. “What do I do?”

“Be her friend. She needs that more than anything.”

“But what if someone else asks her out.” Sakura asked her sensei.

“Then grin and bear it. But I don’t see Naruto going out with a guy.”

Sakura looked to where Ino cut in between Kurenai and Naruto. “Its not the boys I’m worried about.”
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Chapter 16

Naruto smirked as she looked at Anko asleep on the couch. She then turned her blue eyes over towards Kurenai who looked like she could use another day in. “For shame Nai-chan. You’re supposed to set a good example.”

Kurenai grunted as she went to the kitchen, her hair a mess and wearing one of Anko’s robes. “So, did you and Anko-chan have fun?”

Kurenai growled and Naruto realized the woman was not an earlier riser, especially after a night of drinking.

Eureka padded into the living room and looked at the sleeping woman on what she felt was her couch. A look at her companion and she saw the blond wasn’t going to be any help.

“How can you even be standing?” Kurenai asked after drinking several glasses of water and a couple of aspirin.

Naruto smirked cutely. “My metabolism is super speed, not only can I eat like an Akimichi and not gain any weight, but it also means I burn through booze fast.”

Kurenai’s bloodshot red eyes looked at her. “And you know this how?”

Naruto grinned and pointed at the sleeping Anko. “She took me drinking the night I became a Genin.”

Kurenai looked at her friend. There appeared to be a whole side of Anko she knew nothing about.

Naruto waited while Kurenai made coffee and was just taking a sip when Naruto asked “So, you and my older sister, how long are you going to continue to hide your lovers?”

Kurenai’s spit take was priceless and Naruto gave her a seven for distance.

Anko woke up hearing choking, coughing and the insane laughter of her blond roommate.

“Keep it down brat.”

“Sorry Anko. I was just asking Nai-chan how long you were going to hide being lovers is all.” Naruto said and counted down from ten.

“That’s nice.” Anko said rolling over and snuggling into the couch.

Naruto got to five before Anko say upright “WHAT?”

The room was filled with laughter by the blond who was wearing sleep pants and a baby tee tank top.

“The…look…on…your…face…” the words were spaced by laughter and the blond was on the floor rolling.

In Anko’s shock, she didn’t notice Eurekamaru leap up behind her and take the vacated spot on the couch.

Kurenai looked at Naruto and had to admit, getting a reaction from Anko this soon after a night of drinking and dancing was something.

Anko meanwhile wearing a baggy sleep shirt was on her feet and glaring at the blond. “HOW?” she demanded when Naruto’s giggle fit ended.

Naruto blinked, got up and went to get something. They watched her dig around in Anko’s jacket and pulled out the digital camera. She flipped through the images, smiling at some.

“After we started drinking and dancing, you handed me your camera.” Naruto said and showed them a picture.

Kurenai blushed and Anko laughed. The image was Anko pressing Kurenai against a pole and ravaging her mouth.

Naruto pressed the button and the next image showed Kurenai doing body shots off of Anko.

The next image was of Naruto, Ino and Sakura in a three way hug, all of them obviously drunk and grinning.

Another image was of Naruto dancing with Sakura, then the next with Ino and another with her dancing between Anko and Kurenai.

“Now that I think about it…where are your girlfriends?” Anko asked looking at the blond who blushed.

“They aren’t my girlfriends.” Naruto muttered. “And we dropped them off at their homes on the way back from Enchanted.”

Kurenai was sorting through her alcohol addled mind and recalled something. “What about their goodnight kisses?”

Naruto was gone, a smoke shape was in her place and the door to her room closed.

“Was it something I said?”

Anko snorted as she got to the pictures. “Oh.” She said as the last several pictures showed Ino leaving with a deep tongue filled kiss to both Naruto and Sakura, then another picture of Sakura kissing Naruto, the arms around the neck of the blond had her sigh.

“Teenage hormones.”

Kurenai studied the pictures and then grinned. “At least you won’t have to worry about her getting pregnant.”

Anko shot her a look.


Naruto sat on her bed hugging the frog pillow she’d bought. The blush on her cheeks as she thought of last night in detail. The dancing she did with Ino was different than most of the dances she had with Sakura.

Ino tended to grind against her and Naruto stopped to think about what that would have done had she still been male.

Hell, it still effected me. The blond thought as she recalled the feeling in her chest and between her legs.

It was similar to the feeling she got as she slow danced with Sakura.

“Stupid female body.” She muttered. With a sigh she went to get dressed. Praying Sakura wouldn’t kill her for the kiss last night.

But she started it. A part of Naruto’s brain fired back.


(Training Ground)

“Come on brat.” Jiraiya said.

Naruto went with the toad sage, while a zombie looking Sakura shuffled off with Anko.

“You look like ****.” Anko said to the pink haired girl.

“I am never drinking again.” Sakura moaned.

Anko laughed. “Sure you will. Especially if last night happens again.”

Sakura shot her a look.

“We’ll be working with stamina today, so that means dodging.” Anko said and showed the girl a crate full of shuriken and kunai.

“On your marks…”

“Um, Anko-sensei.” Sakura said her pale skin becoming a grey sheen as Anko grabbed several kunai.

“Get set…” Anko continued.


“GO!” the volley of sharp objects coming her way forced Sakura to move, despite her desire to crawl somewhere deep, dark and cool.

“HEY! THOSE ARE SHARP!” Sakura yelled as one sliced her arm lightly.

“Then dodge it.” Anko said throwing more weapons.


“Okay brat, today we’re going to…”

“Ero-sannin, I read the scrolls you and Anko gave me, I was hoping we could either move on or…” Naruot said cutting in to the sage’s speech.

“You did? Show me.”

Naruto performed the seals and the water jutsu’s Anko wanted her to learn and the Toad Sannin saw she did them perfectly.

“And what about mine?” He asked throwing some shuriken. He smiled seeing the defense and the blonds hair became an armored shield around her using the Needle Guardian jutsu.

“Damn the kids a prodigy. Just like…” shaking himself he spoke up. “Alright kid. You proved to me you have the capacity and the ability. So lets give you something massive in your arsenal that will knock the socks off of everyone.”

At the blonds look he smiled and bit his thumb and sped through a series of seals.

“Kuchiyose Jutsu!”

A puff of smoke and Naruto saw a large toad. “I need the scroll.” Jiraiya said.

The toad made a gagging sound and spat out its tongue and a large scroll. “Thanks.”

Jiraiya opened it up. “Cut your hand and put a palm print there and sign your name beneath it.”

He watched as the blonds blue eyes looked over the past name of the Toad summoners and he saw her look at the name that came after Jiraiya’s.

Naruto pulled a kunai and sliced her hand and put the bloody handprint, then her name in blood.

Jiraiya nodded. “Now, copy these seals.” He said after rolling the scroll back up and slinging it over his shoulder.

Naruto watched the hand signs.

“And how do I know what to summon?” she asked after repeating them flawlessly ten times straight.

“Visualization, intent and chakra. You visualized the size of the toad you’ll need, your intentions and the amount of chakra you put out.”

Naruto nodded. Good thing the fox is gone and I’m not fighting to control my chakra any more.”

Jiraiya smirked. “You loosing the fox was like removing a thousand pounds of dead weight. You’ve been wearing a weight all this time and fighting to master control. You now have the control and a nearly limitless supply of chakra.”

Jiraiya had Naruto practice the seals several more times.

“Alright. Lets give it a shot. Remember, what I showed you.”

Jiraiya took several steps away and watched as Naruto performed it perfectly and “KUCHIYOSE JUTSU!!!”

A large puff of smoke and Jiraiya looked up and up and up. “Aw ****!”

“JIRAIYA!!!” The booming voice of the boss toad yelled after the smoke cleared. “JIRAIYA! WHY HAVE YOU SUMMONED ME?”

Well, the brats just like his/her father. Jiraiya thought correcting himself. She’s summoned the boss toad on her first try. Now, how do we get them to talk…pleasant like?
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Chapter 17

“The old pervert didn’t summon you, I did.” Naruto said and hopped from the top of the toad’s head to land between his eyes.

“You?” Gamabunta said. “You’re nothing but a slip of a girl. Now where is Jiraiya?”

“I did summon you, and the old pervert is right down…there?” Naruto gestured and seemed surprised finding the sage gone.

Naruto growled as she looked around for the shock of white hair and found that it wasn’t anywhere.

“You? You ain’t nothing but a small girl.” Bunta said puffing on his long pipe.

Naruto stomped her foot. “You listen to me you overgrown wallet. I did summon you and you will do as I say. I used a lot of chakra to get you on my first try and I am not going to be talked down by anyone, especially if we’re going to be partners!”

“Partner?” Bunta asked.

“Partners. We work together to protect those precious to me and we show them all that I am not the dead last and I can protect Konoha just as well as the old man.”

Gamabunta’s eyes crossed as he looked at the whisker marked blond on his snout.

Something about this girl that is familiar. I just can’t place it.

“You want to be my summoner, then you’re going to have to prove your determination to me and stay on my head until the sunsets.”

Naruto gulped as she looked how long it would be, then she narrowed her eyes and glared at the toad. “Fine. But when I do, you will acknowledge me as your superior.”

“And when you lose you will never summon me or any of my kin again.”

From his hidden location, Jiraiya winced. Don’t do it kid. You need to have allies and the toads are amongst the strongest there are.


Jiraiya winced as Gamabunta placed Naruto on his head and told her to hang on and leapt.

“Shit!” Jiraiya seeing how high the boss toad leapt he worried that Anko was going to kill him by the end of the day.


Anko and Sakura not too far away heard the discussion between the blond and the boss toad and they were about to say something when Naruto agreed and moments later the toad leapt high into the air.

They heard Naruto’s scream and Anko was about to summon snakes to hold the toad down when they heard Naruto’s laughter and realized it wasn’t a scream of fear, but of exhilaration.

“She’s going to give me premature grey hair.” Anko muttered and turned back to Sakura who despite her hangover was wide eyed watching the toad in the distance now.

“Back to work.” Anko said.

Sakura did, but Anko saw her eyes go in the direction of a certain blond and she couldn’t help herself. Really, she couldn’t.

“If she’s a screamer for this, wonder what else will make her scream?”

Anko counted down from ten to see how long before it would sink in, she only got to eight before her pink haired student was blown back by a nose bleed that would make the Hokage and Iruka envious.

Anko smirked. “And she gets a 9.95 for the lift off, but only a 1 on the landing.” She grinned before turning to see the boss toad take to the air once more. “Damn, is he trying to put her in orbit?”


(Team 8’s Training Ground)

Kurenai looked at her students and sighed. Kiba had been released this morning, but was on the injured and inactive list for the next several months. Hinata was also on restrictions due to Neji’s attack.

Shino was the only student she had that wasn’t injured, but his training was taken over by his father as Kurenai had nothing she could teach him without his teammates and he had the finals to prepare for.

“Sensei.” Hinata said getting her attention. She noticed the Hyuga Heiress was as far as possible from Kiba, and that was for the best, because Hinata when Kiba showed up, had shown there was a raging inferno of temper inside the timid shell and if Shino hadn’t held her back, she would have sent Kiba back to the hospital.

“Yes Hinata?”

“Have you seen Naruto…how is…she?”

Kurenai knew of Hinata’s crush from when the blond was a boy, she wondered how this would turn out.

“Naruto is adapting to the changes that she was forced to undergo.” Kurenai said, her red eyes taking in all three of her students as she spoke. “The mental trauma of what happened to her; and the physical changes have been dealt with by myself and several others. And Naruto is retraining herself to understand her own body.”

“Kurenai-sensei.” Kiba said softly getting her attention. He wasn’t loud or brash, right now he was being more soft spoken than Hinata, the fear the Hyuga put in him had woken him up more than anything his mother and sister had said to him while in the hospital.

“Yes Kiba?”

“Wh…Ho…(sigh) Naruto’s a chick now.” Kiba said finally getting his thoughts together. “Should she have a new name then?”

Kurenai shook her head. “No. Naruto refuses to lose the last thing that is hers. Everything in her life has been taken or broken. She refuses to give up her name that has been hers. And I understand that.”

“I need to apologize for my actions towards her.” Kiba said.

“You do.” Kurenai said seeing Hinata’s hand clench as she looked at her teammate.

“So Naruto will be in the finals still?” Shino asked.

“Yes Shino. Her new sensei is working with her as well as a specialist to help Naruto relearn all that she had been lied to about at the academy, and Kakashi had failed to correct.”

Her team looked at her confused and she explained. “(sigh) Kakashi played favorites and ignored the other two members of his squad and was only teaching Sasuke.”

“And Naruto still kicked my ass. I almost pity her opponent in the finals. Because if Naruto kicked my ass under all that and under trained, she’s going to make mulch out of her opponents in the finals.”

Kurenai smiled.

“Sensei…can…can we see Naruto?” Hinata asked. She tried to find the blond on her own, but the blonds’ apartment had been abandoned and she had no idea where Naruto lived now. She had missed her at the ramen stand several times and couldn’t find her training grounds.

“I’ll ask her sensei. She’s very protective of Naruto.” She glanced at Kiba. “And I have become as well.” She said.

“You?” Hinata asked, her eyes widening in surprise and questioning

Kurenai smiled. “I’ve been helping her with her…changes and understanding what being a woman means.”

She saw Hinata’s blush and Kiba had a trickle of blood coming from his nose, his eyes unfocused, and Kurenai thought it might be her hangover, but she couldn’t help it.

“And from what I saw, Ino and Sakura think she’s a wonderful dancer and kisser.”

Kiba was blown back by the nose bleed, and Hinata’s blush took on epic proportions and then her face paled and her eyes took on a hint of steel.

“What were those bitches doing kissing MY NARUTO?”

Kurenai raised an eyebrow at the change and Shino’s hive was humming a warming and he backed up several feet from the girl that had been so timid was now something very dangerous.

“Oh boy.” Kurenai muttered. “Now what?” she thought looking at her usually timid student.


(Training Ground)

Jiraiya winced as the blond seemed unstoppable and he could tell Bunta was getting tired.

Heh, made a miscalculation about the time. Jiraiya thought as Bunta’s leaps were getting shorter, and the old toad was gulping in air.

He worried when Gamabunta landed in the lake and he thought the toad tried to drown the blond that was on his head. “Now that’s just fighting dirty Bunta.” The Toad Sage said as he watched from the cliff.

“She dies, you die.” Anko said from behind him. She had finished with Sakura and the girl was currently asleep under a tree, exhausted from the abuse Anko had put on her earlier.

“She’ll be fine.” Jiraiya said to her.

“Come on Bunta, surface damn it.” He muttered under his breath and sighed in relief when the giant toad surfaced and landed on the shore.

The soaked blond on his back said something and Gamabunta shook.

“Oh, brat…” Jiraiya watched as Bunta shook harder.

“What the hell were you thinking teaching her how to summon?” Anko demanded watching as Bunta leapt again when shaking didn’t dislodge the blond.

“I was giving her something to add to her arsenal. I didn’t think she’d get Bunta on the first shot.” Jiraiya admitted, figuring that the girl would get some of the friendly summons and use them.

“She summoned the old fart on her first try and they traded insults and neither refuses to back down.”

“Can she last till sundown?” Anko asked.

Jiraiya shrugged. “It might be close for both of them. Bunta probably thought he’d be rid of her hours ago.”
Jiraiya looked at the sun. “Three more hours.” He muttered and saw that both the toad and the blond were getting tired, but pride and sheer stubbornness was keeping them going.

“Come on gaki.” Jiraiya muttered as the blond used chakra to hold on.

Anko shook her head. “Looks like her chakra control is perfect.” Anko said and Jiraiya had to admit that despite the amount of time the girl looked to be in better condition.

“Now we’ll see how much chakra she really has.” He said as Gamabunta got his second wind.

Anko shook her head. “This won’t end pretty.”
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Chapter 18


Jiraiya sighed in relief as Gamabunta admitted defeat and had just enough chakra to put Naruto who fell asleep on the ground before dispelling.

The Toad Sage rushed to the girls side and stopped seeing the grin on her face that reminded the sannin of a perfect blend of his former student and his wife.

“She did it.” He muttered and was amazed at what Bunta had said before leaving.

“Jiraiya.” The old toad called. “When she wakes up, tell her she is my new summoner.”

Jiraiya blinked at this as the toad called her summoner and subordinate.

“And when she can, she is to have a drink with me.”

Jiraiya watched as the old toad looked down at the blond. “Minato and Kushina did good.” And he was gone.

Jiraiya looked at her and watched as Anko wrapped her in her long coat and picked her up. “Chakra exhaustion.” She muttered and glared at Jiraiya.

“I’m taking her to the hospital. Let Sakura know.” Anko said and rushed away. She would have shushined, but Anko wasn’t thinking straight, as she was worried about the girl in her arms.

She didn’t see Team 8 and the surprised looks on Kurenai’s and Hinata’s faces, but they saw the worried look on Anko’s face as she rushed past.

Hinata looked at Kurenai. “That was Naruto!”

Kurenai nodded and looked at her team. “Kiba, your mother is expecting you home. Remember you’re on heavy restrictions.”

The feral looking boy nodded and shuffled away, leaning on the cane provided by the hospital. Crushed and rebuilt testicles threw off ones balance.

Shino headed back towards his family’s estate.

Kurenai was about to walk Hinata home, but the younger girl put a hand out. “I want to go and see if Naruto is alright. I…I…I n-need to know how he…she is.”

Kurenai nodded. Her own concern for the blond she’d gotten to know recently allowing her to miss the look in Hinata’s eyes.


(Konoha General Hospital)

Anko’s entrance was something to see and she grabbed the nearest doctor. “Help her. She’s suffering chakra exhaustion and had been thrown around for hours.”

The doctor saw the whisker marks and started to turn away, but Anko’s thrown kunai inches from her face as it quivered in the wall stopped him. He signaled for help and went about the task, Anko’s eyes watching him very carefully and she made a promise to speak with Ibiki about the “help” the doctors did and didn’t give her “sister”.

“What happened?”

Anko turned to see Kurenai and one of her students coming up behind her.

“The old toad had her summon and she got the boss on her first try. It wouldn’t have been bad, but the damn wallet gave her a test she had to pass by staying on its head until sundown.”

Anko looked back a nurse hooked up an IV for fluids and another was preparing a chakra transfer to help the blond jumpstart her own.

“I’m sorry.” Kurenai said.

“Don’t be.” Anko said with a proud grin. “She passed it and only passed out after the damn toad admitted defeat. She was on it’s head for seven hours, using chakra to stay in place.” Anko grinned at Kurenai. “The brats control has become awesome.”

Kurenai smiled at the grin her friend had and sighed inside that Naruto would be fine, and then it dawned on her.

“Toad? Jiraiya let her sign the toad contract?”

Anko’s grin doubled. “Yep. A real diamond in the rough my little nee-chan is.”

Neither saw Hinata slip out the door and head off in search of a man that was responsible for this.

Kurenai and Anko watched and when the doctor gave his report she’d be up in a couple of hours they nodded.

“Hinata you can…” Kurenai looked around and blinked. “Where did Hinata go?”


(Training Ground)

Jiraiya sighed as he looked on as the sun continued to sit. “Wonder what she’ll do when I show her how to make the Rasengan?” he thought of what the perky blond could do.

Minato, this child is yours and Kushina’s in every way. Male or female she’s yours. I promise I will kill Orochimaru for what he’s done.

He turned to see Sakura waking up, he’d decided to let her sleep a bit more as he had seen some of the things Anko had put the girl through while he’d also watched over Naruto and Bunta’s bonding.

“Where’s Anko-sensei and Naruto?” she asked looking around, her eyes blinking sleep from them.

Jiraiya was about to answer when he was doubled over and sinking to his knees, the silent scream coming from his mouth. His eyes landed on the blue haired, blazing Byakugan eyes of Hinata Hyuga. His pain was thanks to the juken strike to his balls.

“YOU DID THAT TO HER!” Hinata raged at the white haired man who could only make a soft keening sound as his balls were trying to make the journey north.

Sakura was on her feet at this point.

“Hinata? What the hell?” The pink haired girl said as she looked at the girl who just dropped a Sannin with one blow.

How did she get here and attack him that quickly? Sakura wondered as she looked on as Hinata turned towards her.

Any thought of stepping forward was cancelled as the blazing Byakugan eyes turned towards her.

“You kissed her.”

“Kissed who?” Sakura wasn’t sure and then an image hit her mind and she recalled how Hinata for years had a crush on her blond teammate when she was a he.

She couldn’t…she can’t mean…oh Kami! Sakura thought and bent backwards, her head nearly touching the ground as she barely avoided the Juken strike that would have hit her neck and would have killed her.

Hinata off balance in anger staggered past and Sakura straightened and turned.

“HEY! That would have killed me!” Sakura said.

“Stay away from Naruto!” Hinata roared and tried again, and Sakura was bobbing and weaving to avoid the dangerous attacks she’d witnessed during the preliminaries.

If it wouldn’t have been for Anko-sensei’s training I’d have been dead in the first attack. Sakura realized as she continued to evade Hinata’s attacks.

The only thing saving me right now is that she’s injured still, but I can’t keep this up for long, I’m worn out still from earlier.

Sakura saw a minor opening and attacked, lashing out with her foot and connecting with Hinata’s hip, sending the other girl rolling.

“Hinata, stop this!” Sakura said backing away as the other girl got up and was coughing, Sakura saw blood. “I don’t want to fight you.”

“YOU DON’T DESERVE HER!” Hinata yelled and came in again, and Sakura unprepared made the mistake of raising her arm to block. Hinata connected and Sakura felt pain and her right arm went numb from just above the elbow down.

Sakura back peddled and looked to see Jiraiya was still on the ground clutching his juken struck nuts.

No help there. She thought wondering where Anko was she leapt to a tree branch and sighed seeing Hinata was having trouble breathing.

“Hinata, please…stop this.”

The girl went to one knee coughing and pulled her hand back from her mouth to see blood.

No…I…I…must be stronger. Hinata thought. She pushed to her feet and Sakura shook her head, her arm was useless and she didn’t want to fight the already injured girl.

“Don’t do this Hinata. Naruto wouldn’t want her friends fighting like this.” Sakura tried.

“SHUT UP!” Hinata yelled. “You don’t know her. You never cared before.” Hinata said, tears slipping from her eyes she straightened and Sakura saw blood trickle from the other girls’ mouth.

Leaping down, but away from Hinata she looked at her. “I know. I was terrible to him and now that Naruto’s a girl…I can’t explain it. But seeing Naruto fight that man in the forest, something changed. And then the preliminaries…”

“I refused to see Naruto like I had before. I swear I’m not using her.” Sakura said. “Something about her…it calls to me. I wish I could find the words…alls I know is I thought Sasuke was the strongest of us, but since the Chunin exams, Naruto has shown that she’s the strongest one out of all of us. She keeps going and even with becoming a girl, Naruto is still Naruto in the ways that make her special.”

“You kissed her!” Hinata hissed.

Sakura nodded. “I did.” She acknowledged. “I could say it was the alcohol, but in truth since Naruto’s transformation…I’ve found myself caring for her.”

Hinata had heard enough. I am not going to lose Naruto-kun to you…you hussie! She thought and rushed in, her hand glowing darkly.

Sakura knew she couldn’t move in time, she’d left herself wide open while talking and Hinata was coming in like a valkyrie of legend.

Sakura closed her eyes. Goodbye Naruto. She thought, her mind showing her the kiss once more while she waited for the end
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Chapter 19

The strike was stopped an inch from Sakura and Hinata growled like a feral cat as Jiraiya stood there holding her wrist. He winced as he shifted his stance as his ball protested his moving.

“Settle down.” He said and saw that the Hyuga was nowhere near calm so he jabbed the nerve cluster on her neck and she slumped to the ground.

Sakura opened her eyes at hearing Jiraiya’s voice. “Master Jiraiya?” Sakura said in surprise.

“What the hell set her off, and how did she end up hurt?” Jiraiya pondered.

The voice from behind had him see Kurenai and Anko appearing after a shushin, “Her family, more importantly her father beat her for giving up in the preliminary rounds. Of course being a Hyuga, they spread the word that she was hurt in the tournament and used a memory seal on her.”

Jiraiya looked at the Hyuga’s sensei. “Memory seals were banned twenty years ago.” He said as he looked at the now unconscious girl who had slipped in through his blind spot and took him down with a single hit. Damn I’m still channeling chakra there to heal and it still feels like I took one of Tsunade’s chakra powered kicks. He thought.

“You alright?” he asked Sakura who nodded, relieved that she would live. “What happened to set her off?” Jiraiya asked Kurenai

“She saw Naruto’s condition and heard that you were responsible for it.”

Jiraiya nodded now understanding the ball shot. “And why go after pinky here?”

Anko looked at her other student, Kurenai sighed. “She heard about Sakura and Naruto sharing a kiss the other night. For a long time she has focused on Naruto. Her whole image of him has helped her over the long years and constant abuse. I could nothing as her clan refused and since it’s a clan matter…”

“The Hokage must remain out of it.” Jiraiya said as Kurenai picked up Hinata. “To the Hokage’s office. We’ll document her injuries and I’ll remove the seals on her.” Jiraiya said after using a scanning jutsu he learned from his teammate long ago. “She’s got three different seals on her and not one is the registered caged bird seal the Hyuga are allowed to use.”

Kurenai with Hinata and Jiraiya left. Sakura looked at Anko.




Kakashi looked at the unconscious form of his student. He’d been shocked when he was summoned to the hospital by one of the nurses.

“You are her sensei on record here.” The nurse had told him and Kakashi had done nothing to correct it.

He now looked at the whisker marked blond who was now a young woman and he wondered how poor of a sensei was.

I did nothing when he…she was in pain. Both Naruto and Sakura tried to tell me, but I was worried over Sasuke.

That was another thing, his third and currently only student was still training, even when Kakashi told him to take some time to wind down.

I’ve really been an ass. Kakashi thought as he remembered his visit to Ibiki after the scuffle with Anko.

Looking at the blond he realized how much he didn’t know about his stu…his former student.

I can’t really claim to be her sensei as I only taught her how to tree climb. Kakashi thought.

He picked up the chart and looked at it. Chakra exhaustion. Received three infusions…

He knew most people would only need one. The fact the blond on the bed needed three told Kakashi a lot more.

“Naruto…how did you come to this?” he mussed aloud.

Distracted by his thoughts, he never noticed the door behind him open or the snakes before they wrapped around his neck and yanked him back.

Kakashi slammed into the wall and saw Anko snarling at him with a surprised looking Sakura standing in the doorway.

“I knew I smelt a rat.” Anko hissed.

“Sakura, get the nurse here, I want her to check out Naruto.” Anko ordered and the girl was gone.

“I-would-never…” Kakashi said his voice coming in short gasps as the snakes tightened their grip around his neck.

“You’ve done that or worse to her already.” Anko said. “You were ordered to stay away you bastard.”

Kakashi could not think of anything to say as Anko was correct, he finally muttered. “The hospital called me, I’m still listed as Naruto’s sensei.”

Anko’s eyes narrowed and she released the snakes. “Leave.” She turned as a nurse came in and Anko pointed at Naruto. “Check her over.”

“We just…”

“DO IT! And no one save myself, the Hokage or Sakura are to enter his room from now on.”

The nurse looked flustered. “And have your people update Naruto’s file, and make sure Eboshi has been called in.” Anko said. “She’s Naruto’s primary physician.”

The nurse blinked. “The Hokage’s personal…”

“DO IT OR I’LL FEED YOU TO A GIANT COBRA!!!” Anko snarled. She looked at Kakashi. “Don’t come around her again. You know better.”

Anko stepped away and Kakashi released the breath he’d held and saw the concern on Anko’s face. He turned to see Sakura looking at him.


“I think you should leave Hatake-san.” Sakura said joining Anko.

Kakashi flinched as if struck. Hatake-san. I used to be Kakashi-sensei. He thought. Neither female looked at him, their attention was riveted on the blond on the table.

Silently Kakashi slipped from the room, realizing far too late at what he’d lost.


(Training Ground)

Sasuke Uchiha growled as his leg buckled under the speed training Kakashi had left him to work on.

Why can’t I do this? That loser Lee moved far faster than this. Sasuke thought bitterly at how he wasn’t getting stronger and he was blaming Kakashi as the man had him do in his opinion useless training.

“Bastard should show me whatever I want.”

“And what is it you want Sasuke-kun?” a voice said from behind a boulder.

Sasuke spun around and took up a defensive stance, a kunai appeared in his hand in a guard position.

“Whose there? Show yourself.” He demanded.

He blinked at seeing who stepped out from behind the boulder. “Kabuto?” he said blinking as the glasses wearing teen smirked.

“Sorry if I startled you, I was watching you train, impressive amount of speed I must say. and your reflexes were high Chunin already.”

Sasuke snorted. “I don’t need to hear from a person that gave up when he had a chance to shine.”

Kabuto smirked. “Tell me Sasuke, has your teacher shown you his one and only original jutsu?”

Sasuke looked at him and blinked.

“When you see Kakashi, tell him you’ll need to learn something that will pierce Gara’s ultimate defense. Tell him you heard a couple of Jonin mention it would be the only thing that could save your life.”

Sasuke was about to voice his thoughts when Kabuto walked away. “Good luck in the tournament Sasuke-kun. I look forward to cheering you on as you become a Chunin of Konoha.”

What the hell? Sasuke thought as the older boy left him alone.


(Hokage’s Office)

Jiraiya sighed as Kurenai left with her student and he looked at the Hokage. “What a cluster ****.”

Hiruzen Sarutobi nodded as he looked thoughtful.

“You haven’t told me how Naruto’s doing in her training.”

Jiraiya sighed. “Believe it or not, her chakra control is perfect and the reserves she has would put the sannin and the four Hokage’s to shame.” Jiraiya said ruefully. “She was on Bunta for hours. He accepted her, she’s in the hospital right now with chakra exhaustion, and considering she summoned Gamabunta and had heavy training the amount of time was freakish.” Jiraiya said and then muttered, “Kami help us if she develops Tsunade’s strength and temper.”

Hiruzen laughed. “Naruto already has a temper. Its similar to Kushina’s.”

Jiraiya winced.

“Now then, what else do you plan on teaching her? Anko wants to take her new team out on a mission after the finals.”

Jiraiya nodded. “That would work. A training trip.”

At the Hokage’s look Jiraiya sighed. “I have a report to file, it slipped my mind but now with the situation as it is, it would be perfect.

The Hokage listened and he sighed putting his pipe aside. “You can’t Naruto alone. Anko and Sakura will have to go with.”

Jiraiya blinked. “What?”

“Naruto is still…fragile from being transformed. She’s been comfortable around Kurenai, Sakura and Anko. It is the only way I will let you take Naruto.”

Jiraiya scratched his chin. “Can I have it in writing?”

Hiruzen looked at him and nodded before grabbing a blank scroll and writing the order out.

After he signed it and affixed the Hokage Seal to it he passed it to Jiraiya. “Remember not until after the finals are over, and the other two must go with you.” The Hokage said and Jiraiya nodded and winced at the loss of his research.

Across town at the hospital a blond teen sneezed as she rolled over and slept, her sister and teammate watching over her.
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Well that is the all the chapters for now.
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He Said She Said
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