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 "The Permutation of Diversification"

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PostSubject: "The Permutation of Diversification"   "The Permutation of Diversification" EmptyMon Nov 24, 2008 10:58 pm


Many years ago humans were a good race. Not good as in succesful, for we still are... mostly. Good as in good and evil, the great good, the good where you feel something is just.. right. Not all humans were good, as a matter of fact some were so evil that you would think it would spoil the whole race. But where there were 5 dictators, there were hundereds of thousands of relief people helping the oppresed. Where we would tear down a forest, we would build a new one.

It almost seems like another world insted of just another time. Looking back, we almost seemed angels, Guardians of light, seekers of truth, now we are the destroyers of faith, crushers of the world, and worst of all, at war with ourselves. Used to we would have wars, notably WWI and WWII. With some lesser ones in the mix. But our WWIII has been going on for years.

This era all started in China, having three times the population of any other country. Then India started catching up. More people started having more kids, and those countries with more people started getting more wealth, and therefore power. China and india started modernizing, and with millions to drive their reasearch they started getting techinalogiacally advanced. Where Americans would have one hundred scientist on a project, China would have three thousand, leading to china getting the answer sooner. So the goverments of all nations encourage larger populations, countries started giving tax breakes for large families. Where a small town used to be five thousand people, it was now fifty-thousand. That was a long time ago....

During the population race unexpected events occured.*[due to the fact that their is only a certain amount life-force per planet. This was implemented during the creation of the universe to limit the chance of a planted takering over vast amounts of galaxies(it kinda backfired here)*]People were being born*[I know, weird right? Yeah, kinda odd that we have a growth splurge and people are being born.[ - over 1 million per city on average(daily)]. Well, if you would let me finsih you see why it was wierd.]*
But people were being born without souls. Not all humans born were souless, a a matter of fact it was a rare amount, but the amount being born with a full soul was even more rare.*[about the odds now of 1 in a billion, which in that time was 1 in 3.2295 trillion. I'm not that good at math, so that could be about 1,000 of in either direction, but hey, no-ones perfect.]* Fractured souls were common but randomly varied in amounts, and in a pattern only people of the highest IQ could begin to fathom. Being born sou-less or with a fragmented soul itself wasn't such a bad thing; it was the side effects that really got you. Without a full soul your brain couldn't comprehend certain emotions(mostly compassion, remorse, pity, sympathy, respect, and generally the traits that make you a good person). So granted, the human race stopped being good. At first it was petty stuff, people ruthlessly rising to in buisiness, shooting teenage trespassers unnessecairly, leaving dieing dogs on the side of the road, cruel, but relitivley harmlesss. Then when there was a large enough numer of the Abridged(people born soul-less or fractured souls) things started getting more drastic. Since the thought process of the Abridged was simular(to the point of one-ness) they had a mental link. They formed a socital chain, where the ones with the least amount of souls were the leaders. So the evilist led the less-evil, to kill all of the least evil or to achieve an overall greater state of evil. Soon the Abridged started wars. First they were against each-other, country against country, but then something clicked. Why not kill off all of the weak? Or in their minds, the ones with souls. So nations bounded together under the vilest and cruelest of the Abridged(The kindest of which made Hitler seem as freindly as a stuffed teddy bear). So effectivley the world was ruled by seventeen people*[If you would call Abridged people].But that was a long time ago...

About fiftey tears later most inferiors, as the Abridged knew them, were dead. There were small hidden refuges of inferiors throught the world( the most prominent being in Jerusleum). Then, at the time when all hope was lost, death immenet, capture and execution no longer a matter of if but of when, something miraculous happened. The past returned. Not the whole past, just a small, forgoten peace that was once true. This truth went from being a truth, to a common element in fairy-tales which had, on this night, once again become true. It was Friday the thirteenth*[ can't bad luck be good luck for you if you if the bad luck is aimed for the "opposing team"?]*, and five people were born. Not any five people, but five full souled people, right inside the Inferior's hideout in Jerusleum. Granted it was rare to have a child with a full soul it was even more rare to do so in an Inferior safe-zone. It was unheard of for five children with full souls to be born within the same year. It was completley ludicrous for five to be born in the same month. It was nothing short of immpossible for five to be born in the same week, yet here were five born in the same day*[just goes to show you anything is possible]*. This itself isn't what saved the Inferiors, it was what they were born with, the part from the past.Of the five that were born one was female, leaving the other four to be male, and they all had magic. Each one could control a certain element*[of magic, not the periodic table]*. Xavier, the first born, was a male and he controled the element of Fire. Sethinan, or Seth for short, was the second born(also male) and controled the element of water. The third born was antoher male named Ishmiaul, who controlled the element of Earth. The fourth born was Beryl, the female, and she controled the elemnt of Lighting, or electricity. The last child was Rashaun, and he controlled Air. The first four where born within a ten minute period, although all from diffrent mothers, with Beryl being born at 6:15 p.m. Although they were born with quick succession, Rashaun wasn't born until five hours later, at 11:15 p.m. He was the second son, and was Seethinan's twin brother. His birth left his mother, Dineace, to frail to live, and minutes after his birth she passed.

To be continued...

This story is to be continued. If you find any grammatical errors(mostly spelling) feel free to correct them. Please don't change sentences without reason, and please don't re-arange the story without permission. You may reply below, or in a diffrent post, that is up to you, as the story will be continued through me editing. Thanks for reading thus far, and I hope you continue to do so. Criticism is as welcome as positive statements, so please, tell the truth. The * marks a Foot-note, which is beside the * in both brackets ([]) and in italics. To better understand the story, I would read these. If not, I may seem like a blundering idiot to you, who just doens't know how to write a story. I took the foot-note idea from The Bartimeaus Trilogy, and it is not original.

Sometimes I get tired of my signature, and so I change it. It generally gets stupider each time I change it. Maybe I should leave it alone.

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"The Permutation of Diversification"
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